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Bing Drops a Social Nuke in its War with Google


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Some very interesting revelations have come about in the last 24 hours that really makes a difference in this growing battle between Bing & Google and a confirmation of the business love affair between Facebook & Microsoft.

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Bing Drops a Social Nuke in its War with Google

  1. 1. BING Drops a Social NukeIn Its War with GOOGLE ©2009, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Here I am again, reflecting on some meetings with clients during the week and I find itinteresting that two potential prospects I have met with this week have both asked methe same question –―Is 
Google the only place you optimise our website, and what is this Bing all about?‖Considering these are only bricks and mortar business owners with very little knowledgeabout our the online marketing world, it obviously means that people are beginning tobecome aware of the Microsoft creation called Bing which is arguably an outdated andvery sloppy excuse for a search engine. Some very interesting revelations have comeabout in the last 24 hours that really makes a difference in this growing battle betweenBing & Google and a confirmation of the business love affair between Facebook &Microsoft.The Mechanics of What Bing has doneThe joining of hands between Facebook & Bing is quite well documented amongst usprofessionals in the SEO game. If you conduct a random search in Facebook, then scrollto the bottom of the results page you will notice that you have a series of listings thathave been delivered into Facebook via the Bing search engine. So this was just thebeginning, a slow drip feed of Bing into the Facebook world but now they are steppingit up – and seriously!In a make or break move, Bing has declared that it is totally re-shaping its searchalgorithms to integrate with the powerful social data available on Facebook. Essentiallythis means an entire change in the way it delivers its search results (long overdue somewould say).©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. In a statement released by Microsoft they said the following –―The best decisions are not just fuelled by facts, they require the opinions and emotionsof your friends. Search is now more than a fact finder — [In this update] we’remarrying fact-based search results with your friends’ street smarts to combine the bestdata on the Web with the opinions of the people you trust the most and the collectiveIQ of the Web.‖Just some of the amazing data they will analyse & insert into their algorithms will bethings like: Friends ―Likes‖ – Seeing which of your friends have liked or advocated a website in the search results Personalised Results – Meaning priority results will be given to you based upon you own ―likes‖, hobbies & those of your friends also. Collective IQ – Meaning, when you are researching it might analyse what you are missing in your search to find something and then pick up those missing pieces by integrating data from your friends off Facebook to help deliver you results. After all, we do often turn to people we know and trust when we are looking for things. Businesses & Website Owners Opinions – It will deliver the voice of businesses & website owners to display their social interactions in the search results. Universal ―Like‖ Button – By installing the improved Bing toolbar searchers can now Facebook ―Like‖ any website they wish. This seriously helps out under privileged webmasters.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  4. 4. The Shift in Search MarketWell for several years it has been the biggest acknowledgement of the modern daybusiness era watching Google rise to fame in such a short period of time, overtakingAlta Vista and Yahoo being the dominant and powerful search engine leaders of the90′s. Well, interesting to note that while Google still holds the lion share here inAustralia with a 95% piece of the search market action our benchmarking allies in theUSA have seen a major shift in recent times with taking over more than 30%of the USA market in April, 2011according to Experian Hitwise.What it means for businesses around the world?Well the message to business owners is quite simple! We have been preaching from therooftops for over a year now about the era of social advocacy. It is more important nowthan ever that you begin to promote your business on social networking websitesaround the world. Facebook welcomes you in with opening arms, allowing you topromote your business for free. With continuing to take large chunks of thesearch market share, and their announcement of the new social driven searchalgorithms you are left with no other option but to embrace a social media strategy foryour business!Update: Feeling a little red faced and bare bottomed, Google has yesterday embarkedon a worldwide PR blitz announcing the global launch of its social search feature. It isnot ground breaking news that Google has been developing and trialling it’s new SocialSearch feature however it’s probably fair to say that in this case their arch enemy Binghas certainly beat them to the chase.©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  5. 5. With the matrimony between Facebook & Bing you must seriously question the abilityof Google to win the race for socially driven search results. I say watch out for Bing andstart planning for the next generation of search engine leadership.Let us not forget – Bill Gates & Microsoft (the owner of Bing) have been at the helm ofsoftware technology, controlling the majority of desktop screens with their WindowsOperating System since before Google was even a twinkle in the eye! What do youthink?©2009, Oracle Digital Page | 4