Is Your SEO Company Going To Get You Blacklisted On Google


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Is Your SEO Company Going To Get You Blacklisted On Google

  1. 1. Is Your SEO Company Going to Get You Blacklisted on Google ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Companies that choose to work with SEO companies understand the importance of asolid online strategy. By getting expert help, you could dominate the search engines foryour niche and get a steady stream of targeted traffic. But when you work withsomeone that has a direct impact on how your company is perceived online bycustomers, you have to put a lot of trust into that organisation. Don’t trust blindly. Doyour due diligence and ask plenty of questions. Here’s why:JC Penney – Penalised for their SEO Company’s Actions!Did you hear about JC P enn ey’ srecent problems due to black hat SEOtechniques used by their SEO provider? Ofcourse the executives at JC Penney sackedtheir SEO company but the damage couldtake time to smooth over.How you appear to customers and prospectsis vital. But it is just as important to makethe right impression on search engines.Search engines are responsible for drivingthe vast majority of your website’s trafficyour way. Not making enough of an impacton them will probably mean that you won’tget much traffic. But appear to be usingunethical or black hat search engine optimisation tactics and you’ll get noticed and facethe potential consequences of losing points and maybe even getting blacklistedaltogether.Recently, when US retail giant JC Penney suffered a Goog le ‘ sl ap ’ as a result ofblack hat SEO practises that their SEO company was using, they lost SEO rankingsand credibility. It could take time for them to regain their foothold and it could alsohurt their reputation with customers. Some consumers frown on anything deemedunethical— even what some say is harmless linking strategies. Understanding SEO rules andguidelines is important.When choosing your SEO company, ask them about their strategies. Look for acompany that uses above board practises to help you gain traffic and top spot onGoogle, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.Do you already have an SEO company you’re dealing with? Are they transparent abouttheir techniques? Are you assured that only white hat techniques are being used to helpyou gain a competitive advantage?©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. Sure, some sneaky techniques could pay off in the short term but in the long run,Google and the other major search engines continually adjust their algorithms so thatquality will rise, like cream, to the top. By working with an ethical and transparentSEO company that continually works to help you naturally rise to the top, you’ll reachthe pinnacle of online success with the ability to maintain that success and with yourreputation intact.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2