Is Page Rank Really Important In SEO


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Is Page Rank Really Important In SEO

  1. 1. Is Page Rank Really Important in SEO ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. For several years, search engine optimisation companies have raved about page rank.Today’s post is going to reveal some interesting news that might surprise you. Whatnews?Newsflash: Your website can besuccessful at SEO without a high pagerank.SEO and Page Rank – Is It Really AboutBragging Rights?Many SEO companies will wax lyrical about pagerank and promise to help your company climbthe scale quickly. Sure, having a high page rankcould be beneficial and a quick rise in rank couldhelp you with some short term link juice benefits.It all depends on your industry and yourapproach. But many SEO specialists have actuallyabused the page ranking system, utilising blackhat tactics that result in temporary artificial rankings that don’t last and don’t do muchfor the website.Legitimate backlinks from high quality, well-matured websites with authority, such asgovernment or educational based sites do pack a punch but this isn’t the only way toget rankings and attain traffic.SEO Perth SuccessOracle Digital’s website has NO page rank due to its relatively young age. We’re ayoung Perth SEO company that utilises our extensive and cumulative industryknowledge to help many of our clients achieve great success with search engines andwith their internet marketing efforts. Our site has #1 spot on Google Australia for thehighly coveted search term SEO Perth. This is probably the most competitive SEOsearch term locally and with no page rank, Oracle Digital holds the top spot. Why?We employ a multi-faceted approach to our online marketing efforts. We use anintegrated approach that helps us not just get attention and rankings but it also helpsus get results as we demonstrate local relevancy, quality, and value. The proof is in thepudding.Sure, a high page rank is nice but don’t be fooled into thinking you’ve got to paythousands to get it and that your business won’t succeed if you’ve currently got a PR0.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. There are PR0 sites that are more profitable than PR5 + higher websites because anintegrated and strategic approach is taken in terms of design, marketing, optimisation,and value.What can we do for your search engine rankings?We can help you rise in the search engines and we can help you with design thatconverts. We can help with Facebook advertising, Google pay per click, andmore. Check out these Perth SEO reviews to see what others have said about ourservice and results. Then, contact us today so we can help you strategise your way tothe top of the search engine results pages.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2