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Facebook Advertising The Secret Goldmine For Business


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Facebook Advertising The Secret Goldmine For Business

  1. 1. Facebook Advertising The Secret Goldmine for Businesses ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Have you considered Facebook pay per click advertising for your business? We’ve talkedin the past about the power of Facebook marketing with fan pages but utilising paidadvertising on Facebook could dramatically impact the success of your business. Manybusinesses don’t realise just how effective Facebook pay per click could be. Read on forsome of the benefits of Facebook advertising.Facebook PPC – Cheaper Than Google PPCFacebook advertising is typically a lot cheaper than Google advertising. And becauseFacebook advertising is relatively new compared to Google ads, which a lot of websurfers have become numb to, a lot of Facebook users have not become impervious tothe ads yet.Targeted Local AdvertisingWith Facebook ads, you can carefullymanage your marketing spend. Because ofhow customizable the ad campaigning is,you don’t have to pay a fortune to displayads to people who may or may not beinterested. With Facebook PPC, you caneasily target both your geographical areaand your niche. You can drill down tointerest-based advertising, specifying age,gender, and interests, and you can set up abudget so that you can carefully manageyour advertising spend.Facebook fan pages are highly effective and they’re free. But getting people to themisn’t always easy. With Facebook PPC, you can target a single or multiple campaigns sothat you can drive traffic to your website or to your Facebook fan page.Facebook fan pages are highly effective for advertising. Once someone is a fan, they’llcontinually see your updates. Those updates could include links to your site, links topromotions, and information about your product or service. When people participate inyour discussions, their friends’ list becomes privy to the conversation and this couldextend your marketing reach even further.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. Help with Pay Per ClickNeed help making sense of pay per click advertising with companies such as Googleand Facebook? Oracle Digital can help! We can help you target your audience, managea profitable Google and / or Facebook advertising campaign, and we can help youconvert new website traffic into customers with effective design, SEO, and internetmarketing.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2