What Is Bounce Rate And Its Effect On Your Company


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What Is Bounce Rate And Its Effect On Your Company

  1. 1. What Is Bounce Rate and Its Effect on Your Company’s SEO ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. What is bounce rate? Your bounce rate is the rate of users who arrive and leave on thesame page they entered on. Someone who bounces did not click anything on yoursite. This probably isn’t a good thing for you. There are many reasons why yourbounce rate might be high and some smart things you could do to address this —making your website more profitable and effective as a business marketing tool. Notonly is it smart to address bounce rate but it’s a vital part of your SEO.Domain NameIs your domain name similar to anotherwebsite? If it’s close to a website in anotherindustry entirely, some people might bearriving erroneously. You can often tell by yourtraffic statistics as this reporting will tell youhow people arrived to your site and whether ornot they typed the URL in, linked to your pagefrom another page, or found you via searchengines.Keyword PlanningHave you carefully planned your keyword strategy? Optimising for the right words willresult in a low bounce rate because people who land on your page will find what theywere looking for. Make sure your keyword optimisation technique closely matches theon-page content so that if someone lands on your page looking for the term “how tobuy cheap widget” they find out exactly how to go about getting those widgets cheaplyon that page. Need help with your keyword planning and search engine optimisationstrategy? Contact Oracle Digital and we’ll help you!Website DesignIs your website ugly? You might think it’s beautiful but what do your customers think?Have you updated it in this millennium? Design is a critical element to success. How fastdoes it load? If your site is flashy, for instance, your customers may not be willing towait the 23 seconds it takes to load the page. They’ll bounce off to the next companylisted in the SERPs (search engine results pages). If you’re ranked #1, you’ll do a favorfor #2 if your site takes too long to load or looks bloody ugly…©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. Bounce and SEO ImpactBounce rate does have a noticeable effect on your SEO endeavours. Google wantsrelevance and good user experience. They want people to click “I feel lucky” becausethey trust that Google can match them with their want. Google crawls your siteregularly and does analyse your bounce rate to help it determine whether or not itshould send you traffic. Analyse all the pages on your site to determine the best way tolower that bounce rate and up the conversion rate. If you need some help, contactOracle Digital who can help you with a multi-faceted SEO approach that includes:design, content, SEO, and marketing for conversion.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2