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Is Ten Minutes Enough To Engage Your Social Media Audience On Facebook


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Is Ten Minutes Enough To Engage Your Social Media Audience On Facebook

  1. 1. Is Ten Minutes Enough to Engage your Social Media Audience on Facebook ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. Facebook is becoming increasingly known as an awesome marketing tool. Many so-called “Experts” will tell you that leveraging your business on Facebook should not takemore than 10 minutes per/day. We disagree.For some companies, a small amount of time is all that’s necessary after a strategy hasbeen executed and sure, you can do the obvious things like post twice a day. That’ssimple enough. But are you engaging your audience by merely posting links to yourstatus feed? There’s a difference between engaging your content and spammingthem. Both of those activities will have very different results for yourbusiness. Building an effective social network isn’t as easy as 1,2,3 or 10 minutesper/day.Here are some tips to help you build and engage your social media audience:  Build Effectively. You need to build your list of followers or advocates. You’ll want to promote externally to get targeted people to your page. This takes time, effort, and social media skills. You can do it through off page and through Facebook advertising.  Be a Contributor. You need to contribute to other people’s enjoyment of the tool in order to be listened to when you have something to say. This takes time and effort.  Listen to Your Feedback. Respond to and action feedback, especially when it’s negative.  Put Effort Forth. Sure, you can benefit from a 10 minute a day presence on Facebook but if your business is going to leverage the potential of Facebook and benefit from lead generation and authority-building possibilities, you need to invest time into it. It’s true that you get out of social marketing what you put in.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. Tip: If you were trying to date the man or woman of your dreams, would you tellthem constantly how good you where and what you have got to offer? Probably not.It’s the same on Facebook. Use subtle, suave, and helpful authority-buildingtechniques. Be fun to follow. Try this, and when you do make the sales propositionsthey may actually pay attention!Sound like an overwhelming proposition that you don’t have time for? It really CAN payto leverage the power of social media for your business. Need help with Facebookmarketing or other social media marketing? Oracle Digital can help! Call us – 1300 899851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2