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Online interviewing tool


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rInterview Generator is a great online tool that helps people to select the right competencies for any given job, at any one of 4 levels. The system then generates elavant behavioral question that can be used at Interview. Find more information at

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Online interviewing tool

  1. 1. Create a Job Interview Using Interview
  2. 2. IndexSubject SlideGeneral Overview 3–4Getting Started 5–6Using the Interview Generator System 7–8Competencies 9 – 11Target Behaviours/Questions 12 – 16Building Interview Guide 17 – 21Saving your I.G. 22Building a new I.G. 23How to create an interview report 24 – 25Helpful Resources 26Contact Information 27
  3. 3. Interview Guides: General UseStep 1: Build the Interview GuideStep 2: Use the Interview Guide to ask questions, probe and stay on trackStep 3: Record Candidates Responses, Rate the Interview, and Compare Candidates for the Position
  4. 4. Interview Generator • Access the online interview- building system, Interview Generator by obtaining log in and password from • Interview Guides are highly confidential and must be kept in a safe and secure place.
  5. 5. What do I need before I start?• Current job posting• Update, if necessary – Consider current changes to the job, such as technological advances• Make sure you are familiar with the job before starting
  6. 6. Competency Dictionary – A helpful tool • Lists the 60 non- technical competencies in the Interview Generator system • Provides the definition of targeted behaviors • Download it from Resources, Interviewer at the top of the page
  7. 7. Using the Interview Generator SystemHome page of Interview Generator (
  8. 8. Navigating in Interview Generator Easy-to-use toolbar is on the left side of every page in the site.
  9. 9. Competencies• 60 generic competencies• Opportunity to add custom competencies• Same as Interview Worksheet• Review Competencies before starting to build an interview guide.
  10. 10. Competency Definitions Click on a specific competency to bring up its unique definition which always includes a key question to further describe that competency’s meaning
  11. 11. Adding New Competencies• New competencies will be visible and accessible to anyone using your account in Interview Generator• Generally not intended for technical competencies
  12. 12. Target Behaviors/Questions Search by: • Competency • Level
  13. 13. Levels within Interview Generator• “Levels” within Interview Generator may not correspond to job levels you are familiar with at your company• Interview Generator question levels refer 1) non-exempt 2) exempt non-manager 3) supervisor / manager of people 4) senior manager or executive
  14. 14. Target Behaviors are Key• Target behaviors represent the “look for” behaviors associated with successful job performance• Target behaviors should approximate what is expected once on the job
  15. 15. Interview Questions• Interview questions are paired with target behaviors• As an interviewer, when you ask a behavioral interview question you should evaluate the quality of the candidate’s response based on the target behavior for that question (close, or way off?)
  16. 16. Adding new behaviors and questions• Click on “Add Another Target Behavior/Question”• Enter new information• Hit “Update”
  17. 17. Building an Interview Guide Your choices are: • Create Your Own Interview • Modify or download a Library Interview • I’m not sure • Go to my “in progress” interviews • Go to my “completed interviews”
  18. 18. Browse Existing Interviews • Select the correct Job Family • Review the jobs listed • Job title, description and date created are shown • Choices are: – Print (download) – Edit – Delete
  19. 19. Edit an InterviewYou must edit the: – Job Position / Interview NameYou can edit the: – Job Description – Job FamilyYou cannot edit the: – Job level
  20. 20. Editing Competencies• Add competencies to your interview guide• Remove unwanted pre-selected competencies• Save your new list of 3-10 competencies
  21. 21. Selecting the right interview questions• Select 2-4 Target Behavior/Interview Question pairs per competency, and be sure to hit UPDATE at the bottom• The list will re-sort with your selected pairs at the top• Check the list again and if you are happy with it, go back to Competencies and repeat this process for each competency until you have selected all of your questions
  22. 22. Save Your Interview Guides• Save your work by clicking Save my in progress work for more editing later, OR• Complete this Interview, which will take you directly to the report generator to print or save the guide• You must take one of these actions or your work will be lost
  23. 23. Building a New Interview GuideFollows the sameprocess as “editing”but you must fill in all descriptive information and select your own competencies and target behaviors /questions yourself.
  24. 24. Report Generator
  25. 25. Long and Short Report Versions• Short – Just the basics: description, space for technical questions and notes, competency-based questions + space for your notes, rating scales / chart, summary comments• Long – same as above + helpful process steps, probing / follow-up questions, background questions/notes, candidate questions, closing notes, Candidate Comparison Chart
  26. 26. Helpful Resources
  27. 27. Your Narrator: Anne Sandberg, Interview Generator Author and COO of WCOD Tollfree (866) 404-5044