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digital strategy and the metagame


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digital strategy and the metagame

  1. 1. digital strategy and the metagame.
  2. 2. the game: the immediate challenge. the metagame: the landscape, opportunities, limitations, expectations, and ecosystem that shape how you address that challenge.
  3. 3. DISCLAIMER: given that i learned this playing Magic the Gathering, i can accept some skepticism. yes, seriously. the metagame in MTG referred to popular strategies, styles of play, and card interactions, that needed to be tested against, planned around, and considered before entering a tournament setting. again, seriously.
  4. 4. the short version: deck design required an absurd amount of planning and testing. first: building and testing a deck that had a good chance of performing as intended. second: building versions of every popular deck type in the tournament landscape. third: testing the deck you’ve built against each of the popular deck types, and redesigning based on results.
  5. 5. the client (the cards) the limitations (the rules) the landscape (the opponents) the elements (the engine) the ecosystem (the deck) what are we doing? what is possible? what can we get away with? what is everyone else doing? how are we connecting with people? how do people navigate through the whole thing?
  6. 6. website social media content strategy mobile applications games CRM experiential in-store out of home internal tools targeting / segmentation
  7. 7. why do i care? because it’s a chance to build a framework for integrated experiences, on and offline.
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