Success Essentials


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What is success? How do you define success? Are there essentials to success?

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Success Essentials

  1. 1. What Are The Essentials Of Success?
  2. 2. Is It:• Education?
  3. 3. Is It:• Education?• Looks?
  4. 4. Is It:• Education?• Looks?• Charm?
  5. 5. Is It:• Education?• Looks?• Charm?• Connections?
  6. 6. Is It:• Education?• Looks?• Charm?• Connections?• Money?
  7. 7. Are Any Of Those Essential?
  8. 8. It is easy to ascribe success to some ofthose traits.We also like to give success a mystical,almost supernatural quality.But is that true?
  9. 9. It is easy to ascribe success to some ofthose traits.We also like to give success a mystical,almost supernatural quality.But is that true?I sincerely do not think so…
  10. 10. First of all, success may be in the eye ofthe beholder.That is to say, you are the person whodefines success in your life.
  11. 11. One person is a success if that personearns a million dollars per year.Yet another person defines success asbeing alive.Who is right? Who is wrong?Why?
  12. 12. Can we make any sense out of thisconcept of success?I think we can gain some clarity andinsight into this idea of success
  13. 13. I cannot define success for you any morethan you can define success for me.By definition, success is highlyIndividualistic.
  14. 14. What I would like to do is to get you tothink about what success is for you…
  15. 15. That is what is truly important.How do you define your success?
  16. 16. What Does Your Success• Look like?
  17. 17. • Look like?• How does it feel?
  18. 18. • Look like?• How does it feel?• What are the emotions?
  19. 19. How Would YouDefine success in your life?
  20. 20. Think about that…Think carefully…
  21. 21. I truly believe only you can define successfor you.Now if that is true,Then you must define that success foryourself.
  22. 22. What I would like toward in the next fewweeks is an exploration of personalsuccess. Are there come commonessentials to success?
  23. 23. If there are it would be good to know whatthose essentials are.That way we could all use them in ourlives to realize the success we desire inthis life.
  24. 24. As we work our way into and through thefall season, this is what I would like towork on; what are the essentials ofsuccess and how can we use theseessentials to achieve success in our ownlives?
  25. 25. Simple? Yes!Easy? Probably not…Success requires that we grow. Growingis simple, but it is not always easy!<:))))><<
  26. 26. Random Thoughts On Life Blog Jon Clayton