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Your Patient Portal: What Is It? How Is It Used?


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Remember the days when your doctor walked into the exam room with a large file filled with paperwork? Those days are long gone. Now your doctor comes in with a laptop. They’ve transitioned into digital healthcare by implementing the patient portal. What is it? How is it used? Chief medical officer Jon Belsher encourages patients to get to know the new tool.

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Your Patient Portal: What Is It? How Is It Used?

  1. 1. YourPatientPortal JonBelsher WhatIsIt?HowIsItUsed?
  2. 2. Rememberthedayswhenyour doctorwalkedintotheexamroom withalargefilefilledwith paperwork?Thosedaysarelong gone.Nowyourdoctorcomesin withalaptop.They’vetransitioned intodigitalhealthcareby implementingthepatientportal.
  3. 3. Whatisthepatientportal? According to, a patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. Doctors can upload discharge summaries, prescribed medications, immunizations, allergies and lab results to the patient portal. With a secure username and password, patients can view this information at any time and from anywhere.
  4. 4. Patientscanalso: Send messages to their health care provider between visits Request prescription refills Schedule non-urgent appointments Download, complete and sign forms Check benefits and coverage Update contact information Make payments
  5. 5. Howdoesthepatient portalwork? Instead of the patient trying to call someone at the doctor’s office (while possibly playing “phone tag”), staff can quickly respond to emails and requests from patients. Not only is this more efficient from a business standpoint, but all inquiries are in writing so messages will not be subject to misinterpretation or miscommunication.
  6. 6. Howdoesthepatient portalwork? Although the portal can be accessed by the patient and physician from anywhere at any time, that doesn’t mean your doctor will respond to your message during non-office hours. If you need non- emergency medical care and your doctor’s office is not open, you can go to a walk-in clinic such as a Medspring Urgent Care. For true emergency situations, make sure you go to the ER.
  7. 7. HowdoIgetstartedwith thepatientportal? If your doctor has handouts about how to access the portal, make sure you read them while you’re waiting for your appointment. While you’re there, you can also ask the staff questions about how to create an account as well as how to use the account. If you’re hands-on, you can create a portal account at your next visit.
  8. 8. HowdoIgetstartedwith thepatientportal? You can ask a staff member to help you setup your account. You want to make sure you print out the login information along with instructions on how to use the portal. After your visit, you can log in on your home computer to view the discharge summary.
  9. 9. Yourenhancedhealthcare experience with patient portal will improve your patient-provider communication, provide additional supportive care and will make you feel empowered that you have more control over your healthcare.
  10. 10. Thankyou.