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Made To Stick - Why some ideas take hold and others don't



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Made To Stick - Why some ideas take hold and others don't

  1. How to<br />make your ideas convincing andmemorable<br />A taster (by Jon Barrett) of the book ‘Made to Stick’<br />
  2. An unsuspecting tourist was drugged in his hotel room by a woman he met in the bar and woke up the next morning in a bathtub full of ice, minus a kidney... removed for sale! <br />
  3. You’ve just read one of the most successful urban myths of the last 15 years… <br />The Kidney Heist tale<br />…memorable and easily repeated<br />
  4. “Comprehensive community building naturally lends itself to a return-on-investment rationale that can be modeled, drawing on existing practice”<br />…unrepeatable and easily forgotten!<br />
  5. Which is closer to the communications you encounter at work? <br />?<br />Stickiness<br />
  6. 37 grams of saturated fat<br />=<br />Unsticky!<br />
  7. Artery-clogging fat content…<br />=<br />+<br />Sticky!<br />
  8. x<br />E=MC2<br />There is no “formula” for a sticky idea<br />
  9. But sticky ideas have traits that make them more likely to have…<br />SUCCESs<br />
  10. S<br />They are…<br />imple<br />U<br />nexpected<br />C<br />oncrete<br />C<br />redible<br />E<br />motive<br />S<br />s<br />torie<br />
  11. S<br />imple<br />U<br />C<br />C<br />To strip an idea down to its core<br />E<br />S<br />s<br />
  12. S<br />The CEO of southwest airlines said ‘I can teach you our secret in 30 seconds…<br />We are THE low cost airline<br />Understand that fact and you can make any decision as well as I can’<br />i<br />m<br />p<br />x<br />Would offering their passengers a Caesar salad improve them being THE low cost airline?!<br />l<br />e<br />He’d got to the core<br />
  13. S<br />U<br />nexpected<br />C<br />C<br />Create surprise!<br />E<br />S<br />s<br />
  14. U<br />Announcement on a flight from Dallas to San Diego<br />n<br />e<br />As the song goes, there might be fifty ways to leave your lover , but there are only six ways to leave this aircraft… The location of each exit is clearly marked, as well as red and white disco lights along the floor of the aisle. Made ya look!<br />x<br />p<br />e<br />c<br />t<br />e<br />d<br />
  15. S<br />U<br />C<br />oncrete<br />C<br />E<br />Something you can examine with your senses<br />S<br />s<br />
  16. C<br />In 1987 no-one knew what a laptop was<br />o<br />The guy pitching it described it as ‘a new type of computer, more like a notebook than a typewriter’. But they failed to be interested, until…<br />n<br />c<br />r<br />e<br />t<br />In exasperation he <br />threw his briefcase onto the table<br />and said ‘here is a model of the next step<br />in the computer revolution’… then they got it!<br />e<br />
  17. S<br />U<br />C<br />C<br />redible<br />E<br />Get them to believe<br />S<br />s<br />
  18. C<br />The claims of a dance company as having a ‘diverse’ membership were dismissed by ‘you’re probably all tall and thin 25 year olds’!<br />Until…<br />They mentioned that the longest-term member is a 73 year old who had no previous dance experience!<br />r<br />e<br />d<br />i<br />b<br />l<br />Proven diversity brought credibility<br />e<br />
  19. S<br />U<br />C<br />C<br />E<br />motive<br />S<br />Make them care<br />s<br />
  20. E<br />People cared twice as much about Rokia than the whole of Africa<br />m<br />People who read about Rokia, a young girl from Mali and her personal circumstances and the help she had gained from Save the Children, gave $2.38 compared with those who read statistics about the magnitude of the problems facing children in Africa who only gave $1.14<br />o<br />t<br />i<br />v<br />e<br />
  21. S<br />U<br />C<br />Stories about people acting get people to act<br />C<br />E<br />S<br />tories<br />s<br />
  22. S<br />Firefighters learn from each other by sharing stories<br />t<br />o<br />r<br />i<br />e<br />s<br />
  23. S<br />imple<br />U<br />nexpected<br />C<br />oncrete<br />C<br />redible<br />E<br />motive<br />S<br />s<br />All to be found in this book<br />torie<br />
  24. I’ve just shown you the tip of the iceberg of Made to Stick…<br />Dive in and find out more…<br />
  25. Get hold of a copy from Amazon…<br />75% give it 5 stars<br />90% give it 4 stars or more!<br />Jon Barrett<br />