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Office Mix


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Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint that lets you create screencasts and flip your classroom with ease. It works in PowerPoint 2013 or later on Windows and is quickly taking classrooms by storm. Add quizzes, simulations, digital inking and more as you build an interactive lesson experience for students. Once you are done, share the presentation and collect analytics on student interactions with your video.

Published in: Education
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Office Mix

  1. 1. Mix it Up With Office Mix Jonathan Wylie, Technology Consultant, Grant Wood AEA Contact:, @jonathanwylie,
  2. 2. An Introduction
  3. 3. What is Office Mix? 1. Free add-in for PowerPoint that makes it easy to create interactive online lessons 2. Free web-portal to publish, share, and see analytics for lessons 3. Browser-based interactive player for lessons that works on all devices 4. Extensible platform supporting novel interactibles, embedding, analytics, … leveraging standards
  4. 4. Sign in Office Mix works on Office 2013+ Free Microsoft Account Sign in Office 365 for Education
  5. 5. Download the Office Mix add-on at
  6. 6. Mix Tools After you install Office Mix… • PowerPoint will open with help and tips on how to get started • The tools are just a tap away on the Mix tab of the PowerPoint ribbon
  7. 7. Creating Quality Audio & Video
  8. 8. Office Mix Recording Audio & Video Audio Only Video Only No Audio or Video
  9. 9. Slide & animation navigation Start & stop recording Preview your recording Delete your recording(s) Slide notes are a great teleprompter. They appear here Live video preview Select you video and/or audio inputs Microphone level and volume slider Press the microphone icon to mute Close to exit 3 pen sizes, erase and ink colors. Inking is enabled once you begin recording
  10. 10. Shortcut Keys F9 To begin recording Spacebar To advance to the next slide 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 To select different ink colors For a complete list of hot keys visit:
  11. 11. Audio Recording Best Practices Speak clearly Speak into the microphone Record in a quiet room Use a quality microphone Check List Microphone Recommendations Good Analog external mic SF-920 or a microphone from an HD Webcam: Microsoft LifeCam Studio or Logitech Pro C920 Better Samson C03U or Blue Yeti
  12. 12. Screen Recording
  13. 13. Start & stop recording Select the area To record Toggle on & off audio captured during recording Toggle on & off mouse movements captured during recording Close to exit Unpin to hid control panel during recording Selected area for recording
  14. 14. When finished, screen recordings are inserted into your slide as a video
  15. 15. Web Pages, Simulations & More
  16. 16. Inserting a Web Page Check List 1. On the Mix tab, click “Quizzes, Videos, Apps” and then select the Store tab. 2. Scroll down until you see the Web Viewer and click the “Add” button. 3. Read the terms and click “Trust It” to install the app.
  17. 17. Inserting a Web Page Check List 1. Enter the URL of the website you want to include in your Mix and click Preview 2. Resize and adjust the position of the website on your slide 3. Click Edit to change the website URL if necessary
  18. 18. Adding Simulations Check List Several other apps are available for you to add from the Store. They include Khan Academy videos, Science simulations, graphing applications for Math, coding apps and more.
  19. 19. Quiz & Poll Creation
  20. 20. Adding Quizzes and Polls Check List There are a number of quiz questions that you can add at various points in your Mix in order to check for understanding. When students take a quiz in your Office Mix, the data is saved for you to track their progress and see how well they did. Other data like how long they spent on each slide and how many slides they viewed is also stored as part of the analytic data.
  21. 21. Check List
  22. 22. Check List
  23. 23. Uploading a Mix
  24. 24. Upload to Step 1: Click Upload to Mix Step 2: Click Next to login and begin the upload
  25. 25. Sharing & Analytics
  26. 26. Permissions & Sharing The correct permissions will ensure that you are collecting all the data you need when student view your Office Mix presentations. 1. To check Permissions & Sharing, log in to your account at and click “My Mixes” 2. Next, click “Details” on the Mix you want to access
  27. 27. Permissions & Sharing Private Only you can view Visitor Analytics Organization Only your organization can view Visitor Names Anyone with a link must sign-in to view Limited Visitor Names Unlisted Anyone with a link can view Visitor Names Public Anyone can search & view Visitor Names
  28. 28. • Publish to thousands of sites and platforms via • oEmbed • • SCORM • Also available as an LTI app for Canvas, Schoology and others Embed Experience SharePoint BlogsFacebook Twitter LTI (sample)MoodleedX
  29. 29. Accessing Analytics 1. To access the analytics on any given Mix, log in to your account at and click “My Mixes”. 2. Next, click “Analytics” on the Mix you want to view the data on.
  30. 30. Analytics ‘By Slides’ Analytics ‘By Visitors’ Analytics ‘By Exercises’ Permissions & Sharing Analytics
  31. 31. Classroom Uses
  32. 32. Search the Gallery Navigate to and click “Gallery” at the top of the page to see public Mixes that have been shared by other teachers. You can use, download, and edit anything in the gallery that you find here.
  33. 33. Some Example Mixes Math and science teachers • • • • English and language arts teachers • • Young children • Professional development •
  34. 34. More Sample Mixes Animal Extremes Commas vs. SemicolonsOffice Mix for Education Air Pressure & Volume Microsoft Accessibility in Education All About Factors
  35. 35. Resources • Mix for Teachers – The official Office Mix website for teachers • Office Mix Training from Atomic Learning • 5 Ways Office Mix Will Transform the Way You Teach • Download the Office Mix Help Guide (PDF) • Expert Educators using Office Mix in the Classroom • Getting Started With Office Mix • Office Mix YouTube Playlist of Educational Uses • How Office Mix is a powerful tool for blended or flipped learning
  36. 36. Mix it Up With Office Mix Jonathan Wylie, Technology Consultant, Grant Wood AEA Contact:, @jonathanwylie,