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iPad Workflow Solutions for Educators


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A look at some ways that teachers can manage a digital workflow for iPads in the classroom. It includes ideas for assigning work to students, receiving work from students, and grading and returning work to students.

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iPad Workflow Solutions for Educators

  1. 1. iPad Workflow Solutionsfor EducatorsBy Jonathan
  2. 2. What is a digital workflow?1. Assigning work to students2. Receiving work from students3. Grading and returning feedbackto students
  3. 3. Assign it!
  4. 4. Ideas for Assigning Work• Post it on a Classroom Website• QR Codes - Try• Shared Dropbox Folder• Shared Dropbox File Link• Shared Folder in Google Drive• Public Evernote Notebook• Showbie iPad App• Edmodo, Canvas or other LMS solutions• Email it to students
  5. 5. Submit it!
  6. 6. Print it!
  7. 7. Wait...the iPad can print?!
  8. 8. Print SmarterThe Lantronix
  9. 9. Print without paper!
  10. 10. A Printopia Workflow1. Teacher assigns work to the student.2. The student completes assignment in anapp with print capabilities.3. The student turns in their assignment tothe teacher via a virtual printer onPrintopia.4. The teacher grades the assignment andreturns it to the student.
  11. 11. Nice...but I dont have a Mac!
  12. 12. Nice...but I dont have a Mac!PC users, try
  13. 13. If you cant print it...move it!
  14. 14. Email it!
  15. 15. Gmail filters
  16. 16. Dropbox it!
  17. 17. What is Dropbox?
  18. 18. Open in Another App
  19. 19. An iWork-Dropbox Workflow1. Each student shares a Dropbox folder with theteacher. (The teacher can organize these intheir Dropbox as sub folders of a class folder)2. Assignments completed in iWork can beopened in Dropbox and saved to that folder.3. The teacher opens the folder, grades theassignment in iWork, Notability orExplainEverything, and saves back toDropbox.
  20. 20. Google it!
  21. 21. Get the Google Drive App
  22. 22. Read "The PaperlessClassroom"
  23. 23. A Google Drive Workflow1. Each student shares a folder with theteacher. (The teacher can organizethese in their Drive as sub folders of aclass folder)2. Assignments completed in the Driveapp and saved to that shared folder.3. The teacher accesses the sharedfolder, grades the assignment andleaves comments on the document.
  24. 24. Evernote it!
  25. 25. Evernote - For Everything
  26. 26. An Evernote Workflow1. The teacher, in a premium Evernote account,shares a notebook with each student andgives them editing rights to it.2. The student completes the assignment inEvernote, or adds an iWork file to an Evernotenote, and saves it to the shared notebook.3. The teacher accesses the assignment, gradesit in Evernote, iWork or ExplainEverything andreturns it to the shared folder for the student.
  27. 27. Tips for an Evernote Workflow• Groups of 3 or moreteachers can get Evernotepremium for 50% off• Manage the sharednotebook workflow on adesktop app by usingstacks• Give students yourEvernote email so theycan email your sharedfolder direct from an appthey are using
  28. 28. Showbie It!
  29. 29. Showbie It!• Teachers create a class inside the free Showbieapp, and add an assignment• Students complete the assignment in Showbie,or in another app and send it to Showbie viathe Open in feature of that app• Teachers grade the assignment insideShowbie. Students can login to the app to seetheir grade and teacher comments.
  30. 30. LMS it!
  31. 31.
  32. 32. The Schoology Workflow• The teacher creates an assignment for one oftheir Schoology classes.• Students view the assignment, work on it in anapp like Pages, then submit it to theirassignment dropbox in the Schoology app.• The teacher can view the submittedassignment on the iPad and assign a grade forthe student to view, or annotate on a desktopbrowser.
  33. 33. Edmodo
  34. 34. Edmodo• Teachers can assign work on their Edmodo group.• Students complete the assignment in an app oftheir choice and add it to their Edmodo backpackvia the Open in feature of that app.• Students access the teacher’s assignment andsubmit their work by selecting it from theirbackpack.• Teachers grade the work from Edmodo
  35. 35.
  36. 36. Grade it!
  37. 37. Notability
  38. 38. A Grading Example
  39. 39. Explain Everything
  40. 40. A Grading Example
  41. 41. A Grading Example
  42. 42. iPad Workflow Solutionsfor EducatorsBy Jonathan