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Jessica Andrea Erazo MC BD Director
Jessica Andrea Erazo Aristizábal / From Colombia
Born on July 27 to 1989 in Cali, Colo...
Once upon a time a young woman 19 years old who decided that she wanted to marry a man who
was 14 years older than her, af...
How and Why can I be part of the MC
BD Director
Academic Preparation: I'm a
professional in International
Marketing and Ad...
General Questionnaire:
iGIP Strategy
The strategy for IGIP, would the IT product and would sell specifically to technologi...
5 Big Milestone for national Goals

Positionning, PR, in that way to achived
to stay in the to...
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  1. 1. Jessica Andrea Erazo MC BD Director Jessica Andrea Erazo Aristizábal / From Colombia Born on July 27 to 1989 in Cali, Colombia at 12:05 am Cellphone number: 318 339 61 28 ysik0727 I am in AIESEC for 5 years Motivation Video: 1. more and more people working in NGOs with clear ideals and wanting to change the world and most importantly with actions that increasingly make the world better there . I belive that “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind´s Potential” is possible because 3 reasons: 2. One such organization with a clear vision and the development of human potential, AIESEC, which for 65 years generates a positive impact on society , which indirectly provides the change in the world where our differences whatever is not an obstacle to peacemaking . 3. AIESEC which I Part about 5 years has shown me that nothing is impossible if we work together for the same goal , how to believe today ending the year 2013 that the AIESEC vision of “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind´s Potential” it is a utopia, if I have broken paradigms since I'm in the organization not only as an individual but number of experiences given. every year AIESEC is growing in my country and a global level too. And if all this happened in just 5 years, how not believe in this vision and make it their own and as for my work happily being sure that not only helped develop leaders every day with every action I also develop myself and that way to help build peace. Mission in Life vs AIESEC Envision I found that my mission in life is to help others, that’s why I am in AIESEC and worked all my University time in Social projects teaching to kids. In this way impacting the world in direct and indirect way As a AIESEC leader working for “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind's Potential” every day with my effort and dedication in this organization, where I don’t just help to break barriers like a culture, religion, sexual preferences, creed, etc. but help to others to grow up like in a professional and personal way. So its easy to see how that vision, our vision like an AIESECer is in the same way to that I think is my mission in life and the reason why I have decided to take this challenge because I believe that I can to give to others more than I have gave until now.
  2. 2. Once upon a time a young woman 19 years old who decided that she wanted to marry a man who was 14 years older than her, after a few months of being married decide to have a child, and that is how the July 27th, 1989 at 12:05 am in the Social Security of the City of Cali born among many children but the only girl of the day there. The first 5 years of his life were very normal to be a daughter, a girl full of love, charisma, and a big smile. But Jessica was 5 years old when his parents decided to separate then Jessica starts living alone with her mother, so every day he became aggressive, introverted, shy and do well academically obsessed with seeking approval of their parents, because she thought it that was going on was her fault. Since then Jessica swims which became one of her passions, in the water she could forget everything that affected her and be free, be herself without the continuous gaze of the people. When Jessica started high school she discovered that if she wanted to get to the Olympic swimming or being a businesswoman, was to fight against all that could be an impediment in their way and achieve their dreams, and also decided to enter the group dance appear before many people. After graduating from high school with a major in mathematics she took honorable mention for academic and sporting results. But she understood that she still had a lot to develop, is also entering the University discovered a world of extra curricular things like guitar, yoga, contemporary dance and others that would help to grow much more as a person and professional. Being in 3rd semester was found with an ad that said have a good proposal to make an exchange, after attending the briefing Jessica discovered that if it was possible to leave the country and she wanted to know and develop more in that organization it called AIESEC. Being in AIESEC parallel to University studies Jessica could face challenges, develop skills, became someone proactive, learned to manage their stress and work under pressure, cope with your stubbornness, learned to be organized at work to have a goal, driving a time line, a plan of action to generate strategies, is full of friends in Colombia and around the world, met her best friend and heart sister Karen Diaz. Friends are a very important thing her life, for without them and their mom would have been more difficult to have lost her Dad on April 30, 2012, which was the biggest hit that has given life, but this also helped her to have emotional intelligence and best value every day, every moment with her family. Throughout the life experience that Jessica has been discovered as a person and could understand their weaknesses and work on them so as to improve on her strengths, found his true calling of helping others and Public Relations. Today day she is 24 years old and Jessica is a professional in International Marketing and Advertising, advances a specialization are Business and Technology, is ready to take her exchange and is still learning every day how to be a better person and professional. but not only looking for her growth, but also helping others to grow, leaving a legacy of teamwork for the common good ... About me ...
  3. 3. How and Why can I be part of the MC BD Director Academic Preparation: I'm a professional in International Marketing and Advertising, but also advance studies specialization of Business and Technology online, so my academic preparation and competences in sales gives me strong bases for the role. AIESECer Preparation: In 2012 I had the opportunity to be the Zonalito OCP AIESEC Cali, and making use of the External Relations achieves the event not only be sustainable, but had gains for the local committee, in the same year was OC ER of NATCO with which I also got great sponsors also gave profits to AIESEC in Cali, after this I had the opportunity to work in NERT the structure achieves not only a comprehensive national segmentation in Cali and monitor existing partnerships and work for new alliances , but to develop many skills not just to sell a product, but the entire portfolio of AIESEC in Colombia , besides clear to close the sale and maintain the long- term PR Director Academic Preparation: I'm a professional in International Marketing and Advertising, and operate the 4Ps : Promotion , Place ,Product, Price. specifically in promotion and PR is what I want to specialize because I have relationship skills , effective communication and have a focus on customer service. Preparation AIESECer: Since I entered AIESEC I was in the area of Communications, Marketing & Communications, Marketing and always the roles assumed and those who had higher results were external communication and positioning, also having been part of NERT gives me one background to tackle this role. since it is my dream that AIESEC is not the best kept secret but we are increasingly places not only in Colombia but in the world and I am a firm believer that this is only achieved with positioning, so you sleep with make positioning AIESEC in Colombia is so large as this on the top of mind of our target as posed AIESEC 2015. Vocation: Since I joined AIESEC found that I not only like the marketing, but I specifically have passion and skills for External Relations, and as I always like to help others encounter in the form of BD functions we provide only VPs of Core areas but the EPs, Trainees and anyone who interacts with the organization directly. Work Experience: Currently I own with my mum doing a foundation training to populations of low socioeconomic level, in which I work like a Director of Public Relations and I have to plan and lead events, this experience planning events besides attending events, positioning the foundation with other foundations and entrepreneurs in Cali, has strengthened even more skills and competencies that I have to create win to win relationships. MCVP oGCDP Academic Preparation: As a professional in international marketing and advertising have skills like critical thinking, strategic thinking and skills as resilience, responsibility and approach to customer service that helped me to become a qualified VP oGCDP during 2013 and that also it would help me to assume this role. AIESECer Preparation: As VP oGCDP I could develop leadership skills to lead a team in addition to skills and global mindset, emotional intelligence among others besides strengthening my linked approach helps others, also acquired knowledge for the proper management and operation of the area processes and strategies. Now as NST in matching oGCDP I could develop other skills that are international relationship and thus facilitate the oGCDP Match EPs of Colombia, this also gives me a References Co worker: Laura Correa / / 311 620 9206 Who lead me: Gabriel Poveda / / 317 513 4225 Who I lead: Veronica Dix / / 316 530 9171 Outside AIESEC: Carlos Arismendy / / 316 583 3687
  4. 4. General Questionnaire: iGIP Strategy The strategy for IGIP, would the IT product and would sell specifically to technological parks in Colombia, in early October 2013 announcement that Korea will finance some s technological parks in Santander, Valle del Cauca and Bogota, they will U.S. to 2.5 million which sigueintes in vain to three years is 2014, 2015 and 2016 estonces the IT product and specifically in technological parks will have a big boom in Colombia for the next 3 years. The strategy includes three clusters as follows: Cluster 1: This will consist of local Committees on investment these are will: Cali, Bucaramanga, Andes, Javeriana and Rosario are local committees that are in regions where are the park that will make the investment . This cluster would expect 40% of the results 200 RE. Cluster 2: This will be made up of committees that are located in cities where there are also technological parks and have had a great performance throughout its history in AIESEC and / or have a large projection these are: Uninorte, Uniatlantico, EAFIT EIA, Valledupar and Tolima. This cluster would be expected 40% of the results 200 RE Cluster 3: This will be comprised of the operating units and specialized units that are located in regions where investment will be as Tulua, Javeriana Cali, UGC, Central, ECI, EAN and Cucuta The idea is that with them also participate in the initiative, which also benefited from being, of which 10% are expected results 100 RE. So the idea is that the MC raised the idea, but between the MC and local committees, Operational and specialized units that will be involved in the project provide ideas for the portfolio and all the tools to make it easier sales, and the entities would be responsible for sales and MC give support and monitor this project, considering the TN flow and the high peaks of Global realizations in iGIP. WINNING TOGETHER I think the WINNING AIESEC in Colombia culture is very strong because the committees work each year to meet a rather ambitious goals considering its historical , but the problem I see WINNING TOGETHER on TOGETHER because institutions tend to compete a friendly way but ultimately it is a competition, so it's very important that AIESEC in Colombia change that way of seeing things and start being more collaborative with the network. To this must pass 3 things: 1. The MC should encourage collaborative culture among the committees, in terms of information and the GCPs that are shared in time and not wait for a national event and that MCVP prompted. 2 . From the EBs should be encouraged to TMP and TLP are a global network that we are not a locality or area but work for the overall impact and the development of human potential and world peace. 3. They must work together and with high priority to entities expasion , as are those that most need to have a culture of AIESEC and if fwe promote from the beginning TOGETHER , the network will be more collaborative. This should always happen because the results are short term and not s emantienen in time , so if we want positive and lasting results , you must be a constant work , not a single year.
  5. 5. 5 Big Milestone for national Goals (iGIP, iGCDP, oGIP , oGCDP) Positionning, PR, in that way to achived to stay in the top of minds of our partnes GCDP focus, this programe is the best way we can show AIESEC XP Expansion entities stronger than now collaborative mindset AIESEC in Colombia reduce the GAP between the best and the least LC results have