Application mcvp aieseccolombia_jorgeluismoreno_part 1


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Application mcvp aieseccolombia_jorgeluismoreno_part 1

  1. 1. MEMBER COMMITTEE APPLICATION FORM Personal information: JORGE LUIS MORENO DE LA CRUZ Nickname: George Moreno Nationality: Colombian Date of Birth: October 22th 1989, Barranquilla-Colombia 23:00 hour Cell phone number: 300-293-99-33 Personal and AIESEC e-mail: Skype ID: Jorgeshalom Random fact that all the members should know about me They say that I am the father of the trainees Motivation for the role: 1. What makes you believe that “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential” is possible? Before I join to AIESEC I was missionary, I worked with a group of Christian called CENTI (International Center of integral Theoterapy), that experience made me discovered that exist more than one millions of beliefs and religions around the world, and more than one millions people working to change the world through their reason, in AIESEC I found the more diverse and environment culture that integrated all that beliefs and reason, I think that it´s possible the change through each action that every single person can contribute and develop them selves and others, I believe that every single person can respect other cultures and discover the different between thinking and the way to do the things, the world can be better, the world can be changing, it´s not about religions, it´s not about systems, it´s not about government, it´s about every single person around the world, and in this way I think the fulfillment humankind´s potencial in every young people can contribute to do tomorrow big changes, and those all young people working for social issues and social project´s with children’s that are the future of the world, we can impact positively the world, then it´s possible. 2. What do you consider is your mission in life, and answer: how working for “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential” contributes to your mission? My mission in life is change realities and get my dreams at the same time, and it´s while I am here to do the different, I am here to fight for my dreams, I am here to show to the world that it´s possible when you believe that it´s, this is aligned with “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential” because it´s you engagement every people around the world then not only I make the change, then many people together can be the change and it´s the reason for that every day I wake up and think how can do it today diferent to have big changes, and finally when I go to the bed every night, I think, I did made today all that I love? 3. Video link:
  2. 2. Who I am? Soy una persona apasionado con lo que hago, conversador, alegre, inquieto, cuando quiero algo, corro detrás y voy para la cima. Yo soy una persona extremadamente feliz, feliz con quien me relaciono, feliz con mis amigos, feliz con lo que tengo, feliz en mi trabajo y orgulloso de lo que hago, feliz en mis decisiones y soy más feliz aun por todo lo que he conseguido y por lo que no, porque al final tendré cosas mejores. A veces me puedo sentir triste, la tristeza es fundamental y necesito estarlo, eso no es malo, casi todo el mundo lo ha sentido, casi todo el mundo solo quiere escuchar músicas alegres y bailar en lugares bulliciosos, quedarse hablando el tiempo entero, por que tienen miedo de sentirse solos, tienen miedo de sentirse tristes, pero mis momentos de tristeza no me matan, por que cada experiencia que termino en la vida me llena de felicidad pero también me inunda de tristeza y son el motor que me impulsa a conseguir nuevas experiencias. Mi frase preferida es “solo tengo una vida y esta debo invertirla al máximo”, todos los días me levanto y me pregunto ¿cual es el propósito para este día? y cuando termina el día pienso ¿Verdaderamente hice lo que yo amo? Algunos dicen que soy aburrido o intenso yo tengo mi estilo, otros reconocen que soy en verdad chévere y con la personalidad que siempre quiere lo mejor para todos. En mi vida tengo muchas historias para Contar, por donde pasé, todo lo que hice, generalmente recuerdo todo, algunas cosas ya olvidé, no necesito de muchas cosas para ser feliz, necesito de algunos bienes materiales, de un trabajo, de amigos, necesito una familia. Soy un hombre determinado, corajoso e insistente persiguiendo todos mis sueños, siento placer de ser quien soy y de estar donde estoy, ahora falta usted. Esa persona que sale aquí en las fotos ese soy yo bienvenido a mi vida
  3. 3. Positions in the MC 14.15 Structure that I would like to have  MCVP F&M My desire to apply to this position it´s because I want to develop my knowledge to contribute to excellent governance & accountability in AIESEC in Colombia, during the last 7 years since I begin to study Public accounting I was thinking about the rol of a real public accountant, making only accounting processes or to have a big role in the society especially giving advice and showing the balance sheet, the social accounts and result in whatever company, then I think this is the opportunity to broke all the mind-sets about accountants, demonstrating that making excellent accountabilities and strategies process, can impact the world with simples tools and fulfillment with the national regulations and laws. The experience more powerfull that helped me to decide apply was my last time like LCVP F&M in AIESEC Uniatlantico, was there when I thought, if I can do it excellent locally, I can make more and better impact to national position, especially when in 2013 I had to act with engagement in some responsabilities I had, in my work, in my family, at the University and finally responding all with successfully.  BD Director I am excellent seller, strategic person and creative, I can contribute to BD in AIESEC in Colombia working to have sustainable and diversification growth in the national network, aligned with my profession or last postgraduate in Territorial Finances that let me know, how in AIESEC in Colombia can make big projects with Government’s sector´s aligned with the state purpose, public political and the “Plan de desarrollo nacional”, currently my experience in the private sector let me approach a lot of knowledge’s in the public sector, structure financial projects with public sector and other academic works can make me good candidate for this position Personal References Carlos Nahun Arevalo Botello e-mail: Celular: 3008867463 Industrial engineer and LCP 2013 AIESEC Uniatlantico Liseth Milena Petro Martinez e-mail: Celular: 3015773934- 3012660608 Business administration and LCVP F&M 2014 AIESEC Uniatlantico Nohelia Torrenegra Romero e-mail: Cel: 3017540306 Economist and Operation and Commercial strategies in Banco de Bogota Nilson Javid De La Victoria Castro e-mail: Cel: 3015189898 Phone: (5) 3204723 Public Accountant
  4. 4. General Questionnaire: 1-Imagine we have 0 iGIP RE in all AIESEC in Colombia, and we are not allowed to sell any Educational GIP TN (plus, the MC is not selling any national TN neither). What plan do you propose to sell 500 GIP TNs in one year? Which sector and segments would you choose to sell, and based on this, with which local entities would you work? The plan to achieve the IGIP goal is based on choosing the different productive sectors such as the pharmaceutical and chemical products, mining industry, Financial services, Real Sector and Services, in order to capitalize on the very purpose of the Government to do internships Colombia to attract highly qualified talent not resident in the country and thus increase competitiveness in the country. Also work hand in hand with the Public Sector with social and state trading enterprises, because if it is true is one of the objectives within the “Plan nacional de desarrollo” 2010-2014 are still failing, and this would be the opportunity for the new government begins to establish the development wanted. I will Work with all chapters giving focus to entities according to your niche that is in each of the regions. 2-AIESEC in Colombia deeply needs a strong WINNING TOGETHER culture, which means: WINNING – we accomplish our goals (winner is the one that reaches the goal). TOGETHER – we help and ask for help (collaboration). What is missing currently to have this culture? How do you think we can encourage this culture and have real results from it? Working locally goals encourage cities and region to work together to achieve the goal, grow in our programs nomada and envoy so that more people can work on other committees and know all realities in the region, in this order of ideas I consider that to the best committee a nationwide collaboration should be measured in order to stablish this collaborate environment between entities. 3-Analyze our 2015 goals in all exchange programs (iGCDP, iGIP, oGCDP, oGIP). Take the planned Vs. executed each year since 2011 to 2013, and calculate the overall GAP we have to accomplish the accumulated goal for 2015 in each program. We only have two years exactly to close the GAP and achieve the goals. Propose 5 big milestones that NEED to happen in the following 2 years (2014 and 2015) in order to reach these goals -AIESEC in Colombia Work to the hand of public sector develop our GIP Program OGX and ICX in concordancy with the “Plan nacional de desarrollo de Colombia 2011-2014” and with the purpose to continue with the next government 2014-2018. -AIESEC in Colombia like first option in all universities in the country to develop Outgoing Community Development programme -Showcasing relevance in the media how the most relevant ONG and more atractive for Young people, with a big high and quality impact in the country - The 80% of the membership taken internships program during the years 2014-2015 -100 Companies sponsor for Youth Colombia exchanges. Thank you so much for complete reading my application, Jorge Luis Moreno De La Cruz.