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The Intended Outcome Of A Principia Education


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Principia\'s Statement of Intended Outcomes

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The Intended Outcome Of A Principia Education

  1. 1. The Intended Outcome of a Principia EducationAn Effective Christian ScientistOne who has learned to: • Love Christian Science, turn readily to God for guidance and healing, remove limitations, and live a life that inspires others. • Read the Bible and Science and Health* with understanding. • Appreciate the role of church in individual spiritual growth and support the prosperity of the Christian Science movement through Manual-authorized* activities.A Public-Spirited CitizenOne who has learned to: • Serve others actively and unselfishly. • Practice the principles of democracy in daily life. • Respect all humanity. • Use historical and global understanding to become a more focused healer for the world.An Inspired LearnerOne who has learned to: • Think conceptually, critically, and analytically with clarity, vigor, fearlessness, tolerance, accuracy, and wisdom, in accordance with divine law. • Communicate orally and in writing with clarity and precision. • Differentiate between what is permanent and what is transient - between what is important and what is not. • Develop academic, athletic, artistic, and other talents. • Demonstrate mastery in chosen fields of endeavor. • Value lifelong learning.An Individual of Refined Moral CharacterOne who has learned to: • Act ethically with moral courage. • Demonstrate leadership and followership. • Practice self-discipline and self-government from a basis of divine Principle. • Live such qualities as grace, love, integrity, humility, compassion, and joy.* Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and Manual of The Mother Church, both writtenby Mary Baker Eddy