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Tennis for Beginners


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Tennis for Beginners, a slide show by CB

Published in: Sports
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Tennis for Beginners

  1. 1. Cindy Bangon
  2. 2. History of Tennis Created in Europe by monks Introduced to the U.S. in 1874 Ball was initially struck with hand First ball was made of wood
  3. 3. Tennis Facts  Played by men, women and children  Played internationally  Played on grass, carpet, hard court, and clay  Played by young and old  Handicap players thrive at the game
  4. 4. Everyone Can Play Tennis  Go to local park and hit on the wall  Go to public park courts with a friend  Inquire about lessons at a local club  USTA membership  Tennis club membership
  5. 5. Evolution of Tennis  Rackets have become more powerful  Ball is soft, pressurized, and felted  Clothing materials have become more comfortable and breathable  Shoes provide better stability, performance and support
  6. 6. Watch the Pros  Rafael Nadal and Gael Monfils are two of the most exciting tennis players on the ATP Tour  Here is a demonstration of the stamina, athleticism, and coordination that make tennis a fun sport to watch and play
  7. 7. Join In and Play Go to to become a member of the largest tennis organization in th U.S.  is the location for the latest gear  provides the latest news in the world of tennis