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Twitter The Question


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From Jon's talks in April

Published in: Business, Technology
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Twitter The Question

  1. 1. TWITTER The QuestionJon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 19th April 2012
  2. 2. How do I get g to follow me? him
  3. 3. g – who are you all following?
  4. 4. Target these people g What are they talking about – how can you contribute?
  5. 5. g – who follows you all?
  6. 6. iGoogle g Get stalking
  7. 7. iGoogle g Get stalking
  8. 8. iGoogle g Get stalking
  9. 9. A touch of geek g
  10. 10. iGoogle g Now you’re stalking
  11. 11. RSS is your pal g
  12. 12. RSS tool in Chrome g
  13. 13. Lever your niche g
  14. 14. Now, help a guy out… g Answer questions, carry out research, help out
  15. 15. Twitter Tips• Careful who you follow – Particularly with your brand account• Reply to people quickly• Ignore stuff you can’t fix• Use HootSuite – Multiple admins – Scheduled tweets – Monitor brand mentions