Recruitment Case Study


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Jon's talk at Cardiff City Stadium July 10, 2012

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Recruitment Case Study

  1. 1. HOW TO FIND 10 F1 ENGINEERS With no advertising Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 10th July 2012
  2. 2. Preparation Is Key Why not use job boards and advertising?
  3. 3. Long Term Google RankingsAlso page 1 for Red Bull apprenticeships, Motor sport jobs, composite laminator jobs TXM couldn’t be found for their own name 12 months ago
  4. 4. From LinksBecause a spike in links is OK if they’re from reputable sites (like the BBC)
  5. 5. From Social SentimentBecause a spike in links is OK it’s supported by a similar spike in social mentions and shares
  6. 6. From Social SentimentBecause a spike in links is OK it’s supported by a similar spike in social mentions and shares
  7. 7. because this is your money on job boardsThey get all the social shares, links AND you have to pay them? Not with the monkeys.
  8. 8. So. How?
  9. 9. Preparation Is Key Curry helps too.
  10. 10. We need a co branded custom site But on the client’s domain
  11. 11. And we need people to upload their own content and encourage them to share it.
  12. 12. So we encouraged them to upload videos answering interview questions to energise their application
  13. 13. And get their Facebook friends and family to give us their reasons why they should get the job
  14. 14. There were rules
  15. 15. Rules• Do not imply – they will touch the car – they will work for Red Bull Racing• Do not engage with – the motorsport press – f1 journalists – red bull Thankfully – we didn’t have to make the applicants live by these rules
  16. 16. We could talk to some interesting people Home page of on Day 1 of Apprenticeship Week. We even got a mention in a minister’s speech
  17. 17. We Tweeted & Facebooked• And waited for the YouTube to take hold…. We got lots and we said thank you for every one.
  18. 18. Each video got lots of social shares
  19. 19. Each video got lots of social shares
  21. 21. Then the applicants engaged (as planned) with the Red Bull F1 Drivers.
  22. 22. We suspected this would The server had a mirror ofhappen. So we had this site the Candidate Databaseon a BRAND NEW SERVER and all the content fromWITH A MASSIVE PIPE OF the main site.INTERNET.Be prepared to #win The normal server fell over in under a minute.
  23. 23. Long term12 months of paying for ‘SEO’, PPC, crappy social marketing
  24. 24. Is it sustainable? Social Media campaign started in November.Good content, well seeded. Genuine interaction with audience.
  25. 25. The resultsWe got 700 applicants, 50 odd videos and 10 of the best aspiring engineers.
  26. 26. And the Global Recruiter Award for Best Innovation
  27. 27. POOL OF POTENTIALWe’re fishing in much richer waters
  28. 28. We use social for all sectors• We have been asked to stop certain campaigns because the results are too good• That’s because recruiters are short sighted• Their board of directors don’t allow us to stop• We have saved over £50,000* on job boards• The website gets 3x the traffic it used to *Probably spent about half that on social media
  29. 29. When You Start Our first Chrome Extension:
  30. 30. gTrack social – to see which links you share drive traffic
  31. 31. gSo you can see where to spend your efforts
  32. 32. THANKS!@NoisyMonkey ?@MrJonPayne