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LinkedIn The Question


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From Rui's talk at Bristol Zoo

Published in: Business, Technology
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LinkedIn The Question

  1. 1. now that you have a 100% profile...... how can linkedin can raise your profile, increase brandawareness and get leads?
  2. 2. what is your strategy?• develop a social media marketing mindset• set objectives – SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed)• set target audiences – who are you trying to speak to?• social media is about engaging and participating, not interrupting• first step is to spend some time listening• very important – be responsive without being too salesy
  3. 3. • company page... another point of contact!• human face to your organisation• 2 million businesses have company pages
  4. 4. • a lot of you guys are already on there...not a bad start
  5. 5. lots more you can do!
  6. 6. goals?consistent message across the companyget the most out of employees’ expertise
  7. 7. spread the word! use them!• leverage your employees to increase your reachand use your company profile page as a hub• just like real life, employees represent yourcompany• anyone looking at your employees...willprobably look at your company page
  8. 8. they can be branded!
  9. 9. the overview page – look at those lovely smiling employees use your employees to boost your company reach, develop an online brand image and establish your credentials on linkedin The more employees on linkedin, the more presence you have online
  10. 10. keep your fans and employees updated! new content = good
  11. 11. products and services tab – available to all companies get recommendations
  12. 12. it’s a first port of call for anyone looking at your companyon linkedin
  13. 13. groups... make lots of lovely friends!shared interests bring people together... which is why it’s important to doall the stuff leticia told you... it’s really just one big networking meeting... but online
  14. 14. you’re allowed 50... join ‘em!
  15. 15. after you figure out what you want to be doing........find the right people... use the group statsfeature
  16. 16. found a group you like?...start getting involved
  17. 17. making connectionsuse your off-line networking skills, be approachable andjoin in the hard sell! don’t do it!
  18. 18. all sorts of stuff out there... just make sure you listenand find the right tone of voice... remember, it’s SOCIAL
  19. 19. ask a question...
  20. 20. ...or impart some wisdom... it all brings interaction
  21. 21. the aim is to become a ‘top influencer’• get there by being active in groups• it’s not about how much you post, it’s about how much response you get from your posts get up there!
  22. 22. before long you should be connecting with decision makers andinfluencers all over the shop... get those leads!
  23. 23. where do you want to position your company?always keep your targets and goals in mind (be SMART)
  24. 24. linkedin answers – another rather handy resource browse by category
  25. 25. • answer questions and share your wisdom• give a good impression of your organisation – this is where to beserious! become an expert...boost your brand image
  26. 26. if you answer well, the person who started a question can thenselect who has the ‘best answer’ remember... ...aim is to get people to look at your profile and/or the company page...
  27. 27. ...goes back to your profile
  28. 28. other features...
  29. 29. skills and expertise (what leticia talked about earlier)
  30. 30. the more optimised you are, the more visible you and yourcompany are
  31. 31. linkedin advertising• very targeted• uses ‘skills’• appears only on relevant members’ pages when they log in• CPC or CPM
  32. 32. estimated audience
  33. 33. apps on your profile! have a play and spruce it all up
  34. 34. linkedin premium• more specific targeting• contact people outside your network directly• see full profiles of people within 3 degrees of connection and from groups
  35. 35. remember...• ALWAYS keep in mind what you want from your strategy• it’s never a hard sell!