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Getting to the top of Google


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The presentation I gave at BRAVE & Bristol City Council in January 2012

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Getting to the top of Google

  1. 1. GETTING TO THE TOP OF GOOGLE What you can do in 2012 Jon Payne, Noisy Little Monkey | 25th January 2012
  2. 2. resultsbrand links social content
  3. 3. WHO IS THIS MUPPET?Jon PayneOver 12 years in Online MarketingNoisy Little Monkey LtdDigital Marketing Agency
  4. 4. consultreport research do train
  5. 5. Who trusts you?Over 80 businesses, charities and government bodies in Europe, North America & Africa
  6. 6. WHO ARE YOUWhat do you want?
  7. 7. We are not talking about SEO
  8. 8. DIGITAL MARKETINGDigital Marketing = SEO + Everything
  9. 9. Digital marketing?
  11. 11. Digital marketing? g Search Engine Optimisation
  12. 12. Digital marketing? Number 1 on Google gets you good graphs
  13. 13. Digital marketing? g Search Engine Marketing such as Google AdWords
  14. 14. Digital marketing?Ads in Search Results Pages give you good graphs too
  15. 15. Digital marketing? Creating content that g useful to your customers is
  16. 16. Digital marketing? gHelp and / or reward them for sharing it on relevant social media
  17. 17. Digital marketing? g Get ranked
  18. 18. Digital marketing? gGet search volume and you can influence Google suggest
  19. 19. Digital marketing?Traffic to the whole site improved by 22% in the following month
  20. 20. Digital marketing? This is your blog on digital marketing
  21. 21. Digital marketing? People entering the site via a blog post
  22. 22. Digital marketing? g Maps, reviews, emails
  23. 23. Digital marketing? g Conversion Rate Optimisation
  24. 24. Digital marketing? gPro Tip: Put a simple enquiry form on EVERY page of your website
  25. 25. WHO DOES IT WELL?
  26. 26. Bigup Yeo Chest g
  27. 27. Bigup Yeo Chest Links from auntieLots of buzz g & BBC Website 11/10/2011
  28. 28. Bigup Yeo Chest gMentions and links on Twitter indicate relevance, predictive search shows “branded search” volume
  29. 29. Bigup Yeo Chest g top of 13.5 million pages “for free”
  30. 30. Bigup Yeo ChestThis is what Google thinks you’reglooking for if you search for organic yogurt
  31. 31. HOW DO YOU DO IT? and on a realistic budget?
  32. 32. BACK TO SKOOLUnderstand how Google works
  33. 33. How does Google find work? g
  34. 34. Links? gThe bits of a web page that, when clicked, will take you to another web page or fire off an event
  35. 35. Internal links gWhen page a links to page b, page a bestows some of its authority onto page b
  36. 36. Outbound links’re saying to your visitors (and Google), g “Hey, you can trust this other site, because I do”
  37. 37. YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD THIS ONE“The more links you have, the higher you will rank”
  38. 38. That’s bull! g
  39. 39. Inbound links g Cool! So long as this other site is trusted and not nasty / spammy
  40. 40. Reciprocal links Beloved of ‘SEO’ companies. gUnless there is a ‘real world’ partnership , you could be penalised by Google
  41. 41. Links pass authority Local Chamber of Commerce Few people link to it, but those that do are trustworthy Link Farm BBC Loads of links to lots of links to it, but mainlyit, so it has lots of reciprocal and authority quite a few questionable links Your site g Cultivate links from trusted websites, they pass more authority
  42. 42. Links pass authority Business Local partner press Trade Local blog magazineBBC Your Local Chamber of Commerce site A diverse, but relevant, g of linking websites is best set
  43. 43. Don’t waste homepage links g Don’t waste ‘Google juice’ on privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc
  44. 44. Get inbound links to important pages Your homepage will always rank well, g give deeper, important pages some love so
  45. 45. I can’t get a link from Auntie Beeb g model: su novia
  46. 46. Au Contraire Russell Smith Editorial Development BBC News Website @Russell__Smith• Links essential to online journalism• BBC strategy to double outbound links from 10m to 20m a month by 2013 g
  47. 47. Thanks, Russell! g model: su novia
  48. 48. Keep it natural Is this• Number 5 on Google UK reflected on news• Number 1 on Google UK sites, social media, searc• Number 8 on Google UK h volumes? g
  49. 49. HOW TO GET MORE LINKS quality and relevance are key
  50. 50. Who links to your competitors? g Apply common sense to these results!
  51. 51. Who mentions your competitors? g Type <“your competitors name”> -site:<their webaddress> into a Google search
  52. 52. Get involved, get links• Discussion forums (be a really useful engine)• Research (white papers, or mine your data)• Social bookmarking (reddit, stumbleupon, etc)• Comment on industry blogs• Why not start your own blog? g Actually, scratch that.
  53. 53. Get involved, get links• Discussion forums (be a really useful engine)• Research (white papers, or mine your data)• Social bookmarking (reddit, stumbleupon, etc)• Comment on industry blogs• Why not start your own blog? g Because your visitors and Google love fresh, up to date content!
  54. 54. GOOGLE READS ALL YOUR CONTENT quality and relevance are key (again)
  55. 55. How does Google determine relevance? Looks pretty, AND made with code and text = Accessible, good experience Looks pretty, but is all images.(Even the words, they are part of the image, as if you’d taken a photograph of a motorway sign). Not computer readable = Inaccessible, poor experience The code and text returns below, but this is really, really bad. g A site that is accessible makes the web a better place for everyone. This is a good thing.
  56. 56. How does Google determine relevance? g
  57. 57. Domain level indicatorsDon’t change your domain name to match g popular search without setting up 301 redirects first a
  58. 58. Search terms in the file path g If your website isn’t built like this, you need to get a new website. Seriously.
  59. 59. Search terms in the Page Title g This also shows on Google’s results page, so make it snappy, useful and attract the click!
  60. 60. Search terms in the Page Headline Make sure your site is accessible for blind people – this mustnt be an image! g AND don’t waste the space by saying ‘Welcome to our site’
  61. 61. Search terms in the Alt Text g Make sure your site is accessible for blind people – label all images
  62. 62. Search terms in the copy gUse synonyms and keep it readable for humans. Don’t just stuff search terms in here
  63. 63. Search terms in the Meta Description Becomes this on Google g View Source to see it. Right click white space in Chrome / Firefox / Safari and select “View Source”
  64. 64. YOUR PAGE MATCHES A SEARCHwhen it is good quality and highly relevant
  65. 65. I don’t know how people search g model: su novia
  66. 66. Maybe I can help? This is good for volumes. Ignore those numbers g
  67. 67. Maybe I can help? This stuff is better than the AdWords Keyword Research tool! Ignore the regional stuff too. That data is definitely off. g
  68. 68. Thanks, Google! g model: su novia
  69. 69. Aim low(ish). Seriously. Search Demand Curve courtesy of SEOmoz g
  70. 70. GOOGLE IS WATCHING YOU and your friends
  71. 71. What are you talking about? g Word cloud of @NoisyMonkey’s last 20 tweets
  72. 72. What are you talking about? Word cloud of Noisyg Little Monkey’s Facebook page
  73. 73. What are you talking about? g Word cloud of Noisy Little Monkey’s Google+ page
  74. 74. What are you talking about? Word cloud of Noisy LittlegMonkey’s Blog for the last 6 months
  75. 75. Who are you talking to? We’re talking to local businesses and international SEO experts. g Pretty much matches how we do business
  76. 76. And who are they talking to? g Matt and Jon are our main guys for Twitter, they reach out.
  77. 77. And what are they talking about? g Word cloud of @MrJonPayne’s last 20 tweets
  78. 78. Who shares your stuff? Sharing diagram ofg
  79. 79. BEHAVE LIKE A TRUSTED BRAND not a ‘thin affiliate’
  80. 80. Who gives best price & service? g Google’s results
  81. 81. Who gives best price & service? g Figleaves?
  82. 82. Who gives best price & service? g
  83. 83. Thin Affiliates…• Earn ad revenue - send visitors to other sites• Have little content, other than ads• Often employ – auto generated content – scraped content – poorly written content• Use doorway pages• Are built with low cost turn key solutions• Get a high bounce rate g
  84. 84. Real brands gHave real addresses, geographic phone numbers
  85. 85. Real brandsHave real about us pages,gthat link to relevant social networks
  86. 86. Real brands gHave employees on LinkedIn (&
  87. 87. Real brands gAre paid up members of trade associations and pay for link(s) on Yell
  88. 88. Real brands gGet branded search volume because of offline marketing & communications
  89. 89. REAL BRANDS GET THEIR SOCIAL ON But that’s a whole other kettle of slides
  90. 90. RESULTSAre you local, mobile, reviewable?
  91. 91. Local listing gVerify that you’re the business owner on Google & Bing to get in the maps
  92. 92. Local listing• Verify your listing ASAP!• Add nice photos / videos• Request reviews from customers• Submit to local directories• Create a business profile on – Bview – Qype – Yelp – Foursquare g
  93. 93. Shopping listing Are you goingg click the No 1 result? to
  94. 94. Shopping listing• Verify Google product feed• Compare price• Optimise product names / descriptions• Utilise all feeds available – Images – Average review – Review count – EAN / Barcode g
  95. 95. Also consider g Mobile, video, news, rich snippets
  96. 96. The game changer is coming… g Google Circles in Gmail?
  97. 97. Get your business on Google+ This is a HUGE change. Google g doesn’t mess with it’s results pages lightly
  98. 98. Get your business on Google+ This is a HUGE change. Google g doesn’t mess with it’s results pages lightly
  99. 99. TAKE AWAYS
  100. 100. Understand that SEO = NGreat content is what gets you great rankings g
  101. 101. g CupidOK
  102. 102. Great content gets you old school SEO and brand awareness g
  103. 103. Take Aways• Do search term research (Google Insights)• Insert relevant search terms on each page – Or give to your web designer in a spread sheet• Use 301 redirects if you change domain• Use 301 redirects if you change URLs• Sign up to Google Webmaster Tools – Submit an XML sitemap g
  104. 104. Take Aways• Get good graphs from Google Analytics• Improve pages that cause exits• Add a contact box to every page of your site• Create great content - attract links & mentions• Seed new content socially• Give feedback and view a copy of these slides + a printable tip sheet g
  105. 105. THANKS! ?