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Conversion Optimization


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Presentation at SMX Advanced, Seattle, WA - June 3, 2008

Published in: Technology, Design
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Conversion Optimization

  1. 1. Conversion Optimization Winning After They Arrive
  2. 2. Do your visitors arrive bleary eyed…
  3. 3. or do they arrive ready to make an impact?
  4. 4. “ Winning After They Arrive” a little – info you know about people A LOT – controls you give people
  5. 5. FACT: Consumers Know More About What They Want Then You Ever Will!
  6. 6. Give people the ability to define their experience
  7. 7. … before and after they arrive
  8. 8. Flip the Funnel
  9. 9. Flip the Funnel Content (location) Context (relevance) Intelligence (content) Tools (search)
  10. 10. Demos
  11. 11. “ Happiness is not on the road to anything. Happiness is the road.” - Bob Dylan’s Grandmother