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PR News Social Media Summit


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Panel presentation by Jonathan Kopp, a Partner at Ketchum and the Global Director of Ketchum Digital, at the PR News Social Media Summit, June 22, 2012.

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PR News Social Media Summit

  1. 1. Jonathan KoppPartner & Global Director @jonathankopp
  2. 2. Google+the New Best Practice (≠ ) @jonathankopp
  3. 3. Mobile Is No Longer Enough: “SoLoMo” @jonathankopp
  4. 4. Forget Screens: Every Surface is Media Two Versions 1. GPS 2. Image Recognition @jonathankopp
  5. 5. Video, the Reigning Killer App @jonathankopp
  6. 6. Citizenship > Brand or Product $290 billion U.S. marketplace for goods & services focused on health, environment, social justice, personal development & sustainable living. As many as 25% of US adult population.
  7. 7. Social Business Is Blurring Competition Policy Workflows Guidelines Training Governance Leadership@jonathankopp
  8. 8. Jonathan KoppPartner & Global Director @jonathankopp