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Ketchum SXSW 2012 Wrap Report (Executive Summary PowerPoint)


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Topline insights & observations fresh from SXSWi 2012. An executive summary presentation of the Ketchum SXSW 2012 Wrap Report, which can be read & downloaded in full at

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Ketchum SXSW 2012 Wrap Report (Executive Summary PowerPoint)

  1. 1. Insights & ObservationsFresh from SXSWi 2012An executive summary presentation of theKetchum SXSW 2012 Wrap Report,which can be read & downloaded in full at: Kopp, Partner & Global Director, Ketchum DigitalEmail: / Twitter: @jonathankopp
  2. 2. THE #KETCHUM #SXSWI 2012 WRAP REPORT GOTTA GO, SoLoMo! Ambient Startups Riding the Wave of Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook & Google New connections based on proximity & profiles MARKETING Takeaway: Grandstand might be of most interest to marketers, as it engages crowds by tying their collective, real-world experience at events & attractions to onsite, in-the-moment offers.
FACEBOOK & GOOGLE No big hit; no step change. The API equivalent of music sampling. Pixable (aggregates and streams photos from your social networks), Roamz & Trover (both for sharing discoveries) and Womzit (for sharing experiences). MARKETING Takeaway: There’s plenty of opportunity yet to be mined from incumbents. Don’t ignore the effectiveness of fishing where the fish are.
  4. 4. THE #KETCHUM #SXSWI 2012 WRAP REPORT STARTUPS & FOODStamped: “Put your stamp” on food, restaurants and other things you like.Grubwithus: A “social dining network,” connecting awesome people over delicious food.AgLocal for purchasing meats directly from nearby farmers & ranchers. MARKETING Takeaway: In the food & nutrition space, AgLocal signals the growing trend of consumers taking a greater interest in the sources of their food and the distance from farm to fork.
  5. 5. THE #KETCHUM #SXSWI 2012 WRAP REPORT BIG DATA & THE INTEREST GRAPH Then: Focus on the “social graph” (what we glean about users based on who they friend and what they like &do). Now: The “interest graph,” a reflection of people’s explicit interests & intentions. MARKETING Takeaway: New opportunities to engage consumers without the awkwardness of trying to be their friend and/or join their conversations. Interest graphs can offer more seamless & transactional engagement.
  6. 6. THE #KETCHUM #SXSWI 2012 WRAP REPORT BRAND INVASION & ONLINE/OFFLINE INTERACTION Old guard marketers combining real-world action with online engagement. Nike: Fuel Band Pepsi: Futuristic LED screens integrated into vending machines. FedEx: “Power Couriers” Amex: Tapped Twitter & Foursquare’s APIs to offer instant, on-location discounts MARKETING Takeaway: Any brand can win in the social web era by combining strategic creativity & technological innovations to provide value, engagement & entertainment.
  7. 7. Insights & ObservationsFresh from SXSWiAn executive summary presentation of theKetchum SXSW 2012 Wrap Report,which can be read & downloaded in full at: Kopp, Partner & Global Director, Ketchum DigitalE: / Twitter: @jonathankopp