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Digital Challenges - Communicating in the Era of the Social Web


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Opening keynote presentation by Jonathan Kopp, Partner & Global Director of Ketchum Digital, to kickoff the Ketchum Pleon "Inspiration Day" conference in Berlin, Germany, 28 June 2012.

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Digital Challenges - Communicating in the Era of the Social Web

  1. 1. Jonathan KoppPartner & Global Director @jonathankopp
  2. 2. A Matter of Perspective Scared Excited
  3. 3. The Era of the “Social Web”Social networking = 19% of the world’s time online.(25% of US time online) • 3X growth since 2007 • Meanwhile, an 8% drop in email in the US • 59% drop in email among US 12-17 year olds
  4. 4. • Blow up the old model.• Re-think all aspects of marketing & communications. – Content creation – Distribution – Consumption – Success metrics 4
  5. 5. Aim higher. Core Elements of Social Design:“Social By Design” 1. Identity: our own institutional & individual sense of self & how we 1. Identity are perceived by our communities. 2. Conversation 2. Conversation: the engagement & interaction we have with our various communities. 3. Community: the people we know & trust who help us succeed & cause change to happen. 3. Community Note: arrows flow in both directions, from inside out & outside in. Credit: Facebook
  6. 6. Our Entire Web Experience is Now People CenteredBrowse Search Discover 90’s 00’s 10’s Credit: Matt Hehman, Facebook
  7. 7. Search isReorganizingAround People
  8. 8. ConnectionsTrump BordersWhat’s your “livehood?”
  9. 9. Images Trump Words 100 billion photos on Facebook, alone! What’s Your Image Strategy? 9
  10. 10. Videos Trump Pics 37% of teens regularly video chat with each other.
  11. 11. Boost Engagement withInteractive VideoPosting commercials online doesn’t make them web videos!
  13. 13. Businesses Are Reorganizing Around People Community Engagement Corporate Communications2-way dialogue with analysts, Thought-leadership, issue reporters, bloggers, activists, positioning, investor relations, etc. interested in discussing CSR, community relations, company or industry topics crisis management Commerce & Promotional Content PlatformPopulate with news, photo “SOCIAL Drive consideration & consumption through / video & other content regarding company BUSINESS” promotions, coupons & contests Human Resources Customer Service Posting open jobs; fielding Instantaneous, proactive & position inquiries; internal responsive issue resolution for comms & community posted messages. building 13
  14. 14. The Social Web Is Disrupting the News NY Times is down to a daily print & digital subscriber base of 1.6M While 5.4M people follow @nytimes on Twitter 43% of CNN’s traffic is from social networks, like FB & Twitter65% of US 18–29 year olds citethe Internet as #1 news source.
  15. 15. Expanded Notion of “Media”Includes New Influencers 395,000 average primetime viewership. Smallest audience in 20 years. YOUTUBE PERSONALITIES BLOGGERS (2 million+ subscribers) 15 ;
  16. 16. News. Curated By Us. Filtered By Us. Fed by the Social flipboard editions
  17. 17. Social Emerging as the Starting Distribution Point For Content“Traditional ideas about what is opinionand what is news, what is advertising andwhat is editorial, and the separationbetween content makers and consumers,are evaporating….[C]onsumers will decide where the line isdrawn, not those of us who are vested bybelief or self-interest in the old order.”– David Carr, 17 June 2012
  18. 18. Welcome to theInterest Graphtime to move beyond demographics credit: assetmap
  19. 19. Real TimeSocial Analytics(Demand Real Time Response)
  20. 20. Social Commerce
  21. 21. The New (Measurable)Purchase Funnel 21
  22. 22. GamificationDrivesEngagement(and Sales) 22
  23. 23. M-Commerce
  24. 24. Mobile Is No Longer Enough: “SoLoMo”
  25. 25. Forget Screens: Every Surface is Media
  26. 26. Better Yet, • • • 3D printers for less than smartphones 8 colors (and more!) From DIY “makers” to mass marketMake It Real. • Fujifilm considering 3D print kiosks
  27. 27. JonathanKopp @jonathankoppDiscussion