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At 9am on Sunday, the folks that needed an easy start to their jsconf day 2 witnessed Hangover.js. I live-coded a simple lightbox, and a simple textarea character counter. The lights were low, the vibe was chill and relaxed...these slides are just the intro - the code that was committed during the session can be found at

Thanks to those that hung out with me and helped me code these features...and thanks to Track B for allowing non-mind-melting sessions *cough*sproutcore*cough* to be scheduled after a long night of pirate cruise swashbuckling!

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  1. 1. Hangover.js No hard thinking allowed @jonathanjulian
  2. 2. Hangover.js Let’s take it easy @jonathanjulian
  3. 3. Hangover.js Easy tasks to start your day @jonathanjulian
  4. 4. Hangover.js It’s too early for Sproutcore @jonathanjulian
  5. 5. Hangover.js You’ve always wanted to build a lightbox! @jonathanjulian