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eAccess-12 roundtable: Case Studies of Implementing BS 88878


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Summary of BS 8878 and case-studies of its implementation from roundtable at eAccess-12, by Prof Jonathan Hassell, June 2012.

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eAccess-12 roundtable: Case Studies of Implementing BS 88878

  1. 1. Summary & case studiesof implementing BS 8878Prof Jonathan Hassell (@jonhassell)Director, Hassell Inclusion ltd.Chair, BSI IST/45 (drafting committee for BS 8878)eAccess-12 roundtable28th June 2012 ©
  2. 2. What’s most important to you about accessibility?What do you need? ©
  3. 3. BS 8878: it’s time to be strategic about accessibility… ©
  4. 4. ‘what I want is to strategically embed inclusion into [my organisation’s] culture and business-as-usual processes,rather than just doing another inclusion project’ Most common request from Heads of Diversity & Inclusion Vanguard Network 2011 ©
  5. 5. Created by accessibility experts Reviewed publicly worldwide by: Training already delivered to:from: • 328 accessibility experts worldwide • incl: experts in personalisation, aging, mobile accessibility, IPTV, inclusive design, usability, user- research and testing, disability evangelismThankfully, in the UK we’ve already spent years discussing thisand getting on agreement on how to do it… ©
  6. 6. = + ©
  7. 7. 1 Why is embedding accessibilityin a process useful? ©
  8. 8. But not on how to do UK airline… Let’s take a familiar that… ©
  9. 9. … But not on howsued for not being accessible to blind people which is being to do that… ©
  10. 10. All hands to the pump to ‘fix’ it… ©
  11. 11. But you need to fix the problem in the process,not the product, to prevent it re-occurring ©
  12. 12. An informed way of making good decisions • every decision taken could affect whether the product will include or exclude disabled and elderly people • so every decision should be: – recognised as a decision – have all options and implications considered – made based on justifiable reasoning – noted in the Web Product’s Accessibility Policy for transparency • at every step of the process © hassellinclusion
  13. 13. Harmonising accessibilitywith user-centred/inclusive design processes• relating web accessibility to wider human- • and bringing in concepts of centred and inclusive design practices user-personalised approaches… From: ISO/FDIS 9241-210 Human-centred design for interactive systems ©
  14. 14. 1st stage: 1. Purpose The right 2. Target audiences researchSo you’re & thought 3. Audience needs before you 4. Preferences & restrictions start 5. Relationship likely to 6. User goalsbe doing 2nd stage: Making strategic 7. Degree of UX 8. Inclusive cf. personalised choices most of 9. Delivery platforms based on 10. Target browsers, OSes, ATs that research 11. Create/procure, in-house/contractthe steps 12. Web technologiesalready… 3rd stage: Production, launch, update 13. Web guidelines 14. Assuring accessibility 15. Launch information cycle 16. Post-launch plans ©
  15. 15. 1st stage: 1. PurposeThe right 2. Target audiencesresearch& thought 3. Audience needsbefore you 4. Preferences & restrictionsstart 5. Relationship 6. User goals2nd stage: 7. Degree of UXMaking 8. Inclusive cf. personalisedstrategicchoices 9. Delivery platformsbased on 10. Target browsers, OSes, ATsthatresearch 11. Create/procure, in-house/contract 12. Web technologies3rd stage: 13. Web guidelinesProduction, 14. Assuring accessibilitylaunch,update 15. Launch informationcycle 16. Post-launch plans BS 8878’s process in 88 seconds – see: ©
  16. 16. Results in… Web Web Product Product Accessibility Accessibility Policy Statement © hassellinclusion
  17. 17. 2Why is embedding accessibilityin an organisation useful? ©
  18. 18. The accessibility of your web productsis in all these people’s hands… Snr Mgrs Finance Legal Marketing Strategy Project Mgrs Product Mgrs Developers Designers Writers Research & Testers ©
  19. 19. Embedding motivation• Need to motivate each group…• Or just use a business Snr Mgrs case for the top level and set policy top to bottom… – check out OneVoice business cases… Finance Legal Marketing Strategy Project Mgrs Product Mgrs Developers Designers Writers Research & Testers ©
  20. 20. Embedding responsibility• Work out whose responsibility accessibility should ultimately be… Snr Mgrs• Make sure they delegate (and monitor results) well• Make sure those delegated to are trained in their Finance Legal Marketing Strategy responsibilities Project Mgrs Product Mgrs Developers Designers Writers Research & Testers ©
  21. 21. Embedding through strategic policies Snr Mgrs Finance Legal Marketing Strategy• create an Organizational Web Accessibility Policy to strategically embed accessibility into the organization’s business as usual• including where accessibility is embeddedMgrs Project in: Product Mgrs • web procurement policy • web technology policy • marketing guidelines • web production standards Developers Designers (e.g. compliance with WCAG, browser support, AT support) Writers Testers ©
  22. 22. Results in… Organizational Web Accessibility Policy © hassellinclusion
  23. 23. Support for the ‘key role’ of accessibility programmanager ©
  24. 24. 3BS 8878impact & adoption in the UK ©
  25. 25. “We are delighted with the uptake. The Standard is now being applied across a range of sectors, including central and local government, the NHS, police, retail, housing, education and charities. It shows that there is a real need for clear, non-technical guidance that complements WCAG 2.0 and can help steer those commissioning the development of web products through the entire life-cycle. What’s more, the last twelve months have seen encouraging initiatives from Government in recognition of the important role that accessibility plays as an enabler of digital inclusion.” David Fatscher, BSI Sector Development ManagerUptake ©
  26. 26. “We needed a set of guidelines that are practical and relatively easy to follow for people creating our Virtual Learning Environments and learning content who aren’t just web developers. BS8878 ticks all the boxes for us, as it includes advice for those procuring as well as developing websites.” E.A. Draffan, Research Fellow in Electronics & Computer ScienceeGovernment websites ©
  27. 27. “We needed a set of guidelines that are practical and relatively easy to follow for people creating our Virtual Learning Environments and learning content who aren’t just web developers. BS8878 ticks all the boxes for us, as it includes advice for those procuring as well as developing websites.” E.A. Draffan, Research Fellow in Electronics & Computer ScienceEducation websites ©
  28. 28. “As a small organisation whose prime purpose is to promote accessibility, we decided to design and build our own website using BS8878 to guide us. The biggest hurdle was where to actually start. Luckily Jonathan Hassell provided us with the answers we needed during a training session he gave to one of our clients who has also decided to work towards conformance with the Standard. And once we started, we found it relatively easy to move forwards ” Cam Nicholl, Director of Sales & Service Development, DACSME disability/accessibility service providers
  29. 29. “Organisations are now coming to AbilityNet with a clearer perspective on what is involved in inclusive design, and with an appreciation that accessibility isn’t just a bolt-on component that all too often drops off when the wrong decisions have been made. We’ve also heard fewer horror-stories of design briefs that have been short on detail when it comes to specifying accessibility, which often leads to a long battle to achieve it – a battle which isn’t always won. “ Robin Christopherson, Head of Digital Inclusion, AbilityNetDisability/accessibility service providers
  30. 30. “Our students use BSS8878 as a framework in assignments such as improving the accessibility of a real website linking a group of older people in the UK to groups in three other countries. The Standard guides them in identifying the specific needs of older people through inclusive design and develops their problem solving skills by requiring them to prepare design briefs which prioritise solutions that would work for everyone.” Suzette Keith, Tutor MSc Digital Inclusion, Middlesex UniversityInclusive design trainers
  31. 31. “The majority of people involved in procuring web and app designservices (or responsible for internal legislative compliance) will findBS8878 a far more accessible document than the W3Cs technicalguidelines, and provides a framework that goes beyond a list oftechnical design requirements.BS8878 emphasises, and this is important, that simply complying withthe WCAG guidelines is unlikely to meet the requirements of theEquality Act. As BS8878 explains, organisations cant simply carry outan automated tick box check of the HTML, but instead need to usertest the site or app itself to ensure that it actually is accessible.” “ Martin Sloan, Legal Associate in the Technology, Information and Outsourcing Group at Brodies LLP Legal services
  32. 32. 4Case Study ©
  33. 33. Royal MailBS8878 in action Rob Wemyss Head of Accessibility Royal Mail Group
  34. 34. Royal Mail Group• We are the sole provider of the UK’s Universal Postal Service• We reach everyone in the UK through our mails, Post Office and parcels business• BS 8878 is an integral part of our web accessibility strategy• BS 8878 has given us the framework to help reduce costs and improve the quality when delivering accessible web products for our customers. 34
  35. 35. How we have used BS 8878• Additional framework to existing accessibility process• Added value by getting focus on accessibility early• Helps project stakeholders understand our accessibility requirements• Used as gating process for suppliers• Gets planning for testing in early• Great framework for documenting important decisions throughout the project lifecycle 35
  36. 36. Helping deliver projects• Used to deliver new redesign of Royal Mail website from the ground up• Includes updated user journeys based on extensive research into how our customers use the web• Detailed personalisation of content based on personas• Principles behind 8878 are perfect for this• Also used on smaller BAU projects to help deliver the best possible products for customers 36
  37. 37. Does it help?• Yes… helps shake out the decisions and makes risk visible for evaluation at all stages• Makes it easier when dealing with multiple stakeholders• Gives structure to accessibility discussions – especially remediation ones when procured products do not meet standards• Used to help educate 20+ suppliers• Makes more sense to suppliers than rules of WCAG as they get the value of usability so accessibility doesn’t feel like a spanner in the works• Allows deficiencies on launch, but makes them clear in future planning… 37
  38. 38. Room for improvement• Documentation can be time consuming• Need a way to input information collaboratively• Dashboard to help people engage with the information in the document• Suppliers not always aware of BS 8878• £100 for a document a barrier for smaller suppliers• “Lite version” of standard with simple explanations to give them the appetite which would make them want to read it 38
  39. 39. And, yes, I eat (and blog about) ‘my own dog food…’ ©
  40. 40. Summary: in a team/organisation that follows BS8878• you’ll be expected to take accessibility seriously by product managers• you’ll be in a team where each member knows what accessibility expects from them• they’ll ask you to follow a user-centred design process (like I guess you want anyway)• they’ll ask you for/give you real-world user-research to help good decision making• you’ll be empowered to make decisions re accessibility, as long as you can justify them, and write them down• you’ll have the freedom to create product variations where users’ needs diverge• you’ll have a place to find best practice help for accessible design beyond the web• you’ll be asked to test products for accessibility, alongside usability, to the level the budget will allow (and they’ll be aware of the limited benefits of cheap options)• you’ll be freed from the impossibility of doing everything you could possibly do for v1.0, as long as you tell your audience why and when they’ll get what they need ©
  41. 41. © hassellinclusion
  42. 42. If you need support & training – I’m happy to help... ©
  43. 43. Training & Innovation support for BS8878 StandardsStrategy &research ©
  44. 44. Get slides on all 16 BS 8878 ©
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  46. 46. e: jonathan@hassellinclusion.comt: @jonhassellw: ©