Session 3 - Taking the Lead on Projects


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Team Up Committee training 2013/14

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Session 3 - Taking the Lead on Projects

  1. 1. By the end of this session, you will have… • Understood and applied principles of leadership to support team members You will be required to: • Explore effective methods to use in the planning and execution of projects, informed by Team Up’s Principles of Leadership
  2. 2. Principles of Leadership – Team Up Set goal(s) Identify starting point(s) Close the gap Measure progress Pivot or Persevere Engage Develop
  3. 3. Principle 1: Set goal(s)
  4. 4. What’s the big picture? • Talk to the person next to you: what do we want to achieve by conducting the projects below? 1. Recruitment campaign for Rising Leaders Programme 2. Conducting interviews 3. Welcome events for schools
  5. 5. Principle 2: Identify starting points “How far are we from delivering our project?” Base this on the resources (or ingredients) you have, before creating starting the plan (or writing your recipe) What do I mean by resources in this case?
  6. 6. Principle 3: Close the gap
  7. 7. Project leadership – Gantt chart • Gantt charts are essential project tools for Team Up • Way of visualising a project from start to finish • Contains tasks, people assigned to them, start and finish date, and progress metrics week-by-week (Principle 4)
  8. 8. Taking the lead on…making a nice cup of tea
  9. 9. Time for each activity; each blue cell represents 1 minute Key activities are in this column
  10. 10. What is expected of your Project Gantt • Ensure that the column headings provided are copied and pasted in • Each key activity should be broken down into a series of tasks • Each task should have: – one or more people assigned to it – a measurable progress metric – expected duration of the task highlighted in blue
  11. 11. Over to you! Using the grids provided, start to draft a Gantt for Term 1