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2013 Michigan Beekeepers Association Annual Spring Conference


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A talk given by Profs Anne Marie Fauvel and Jonathan Engelsma on their hive monitoring project at Grand Valley State University.

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2013 Michigan Beekeepers Association Annual Spring Conference

  1. 1. g at G VSU Moni torinHive a E ngelsm Jo nathan Fauvel ie An ne Mar
  2. 2. GVSU Quick Facts!   Established 1960!   1,985 Faculty and Staff!   ~25,000 Students!   78 Undergrad Programs!   29 Graduate Programs
  3. 3. GVSU MeijerCampus in Holland• Small rural satellite campus• Community oriented• Active Green Team• Successful small scalesustainability project• Natural place for an apiary
  4. 4. Project Goals!   Provide education opportunities for Grand Valley Students and the Holland Community, relating to bee awareness, sustainable agricultural practices, beekeeping skills and community engagement.!   Honey Bee research, using Honey Bees as a bio- indicator, collecting data relating to Climate Change.
  5. 5. Getting Set Up!!!Funded bythe GVSUSustainabilityInitiative OfficeStudents, Community members, Staff and Faculty builthives with guidance from local beekeepers.
  6. 6. Education Opportunities Lib 380: Honey Bees & Social Impact GVSU Beekeepers Club Community Events
  7. 7. gov sfc.nasa. be enet.g http://honey o rtun ities e arch OppRes NASA
  8. 8. Data Collection…Source: Paul Vonk,
  9. 9. Results from 1970-2006Days # of the Year Source: Esaias et al. 2009
  10. 10. Engineering Students –build andinstall hardware beehive scale Computer Science Students – develop Software and website for data Collection. Perfect Interdisciplinary Vehicle Honey Bees
  11. 11. API addonsms warnings & http http web web connect connect
  12. 12. The Brains of the Operation!   Arduino Microcontroller ! Ruggeduino produced in- house @ GVSU by A. Sterian !   Simple C programming !   6 analog inputs for sensors
  13. 13. Communication to Cloud!   Cellular Shield !   Stacks on top of Arduino !   Provides SMS send/receive functionality !   Uses SIM card and service plan from a carrier
  14. 14. Electronics Enclosure!   Junction box !   Wire holes sealed to prevent moisture from entering !   Top cover creates watertight seal
  15. 15. Solar Power!   Solar Panel w/ Battery Charger !   15 Watts !   Designed to charge 12 volt batteries in RVs
  16. 16. Frame!   Constructed of T-Slot extruded aluminum!   Fastened together using compatible joining brackets
  17. 17. o rtun itiesNew Opp e informe http://be
  18. 18. Goal for HoneyBeeNet andBee Informed Partnership!   By Fall – recruit 100 bee groups to buy scales with data collection capability.!   By February 2014 - have these online with data accessible through a web-based user interface providing various views.
  19. 19. Current Winter 2013 Updates!
  20. 20. How to Keep in Touch with theMeijer Campus in Holland Apiary?o  Follow our blog: gvbeeshttp://gvbees.wordpress.como  Like us (GVSU beekeepers) onFacebook and hear about ourevents and activitieso  Come to our events, visit theapiary and become a beekeepero  Contact me: Anne Marie Fauvel,Affiliate Professor, Liberal Studiesand Biology Department.