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BIP Hive Scale Program Overview


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This is a presentation I gave on our work with the Bee Informed Partnership's Hive Scale Program at the 2015 Heartland Apiculture Society's Conference.

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BIP Hive Scale Program Overview

  1. 1. HIVE SCALE PORTAL OVERVIEW Jonathan R. Engelsma, Ph.D. GVSU School of Computing
  2. 2. Web Portal Researchers Beekeepers System Admin Hives w/Scales 3rd party API
  3. 3. Capture Annotations Location capture: Display by date: Generate PDF Reports
  4. 4. RESPONSIVE DESIGN • Accomplished viaTwitter Bootstrap Framework. • Works well on smartphones / tablets.
  5. 5. WHY INVEST IN AN ELECTRONIC HIVE SCALE? • Correlate 24 x 7 weight loss/gain with real world bee events that matter to you • Share and learn with your local beekeeping community • “serendipitous” learning opportunities
  6. 6. WHY SEND DATATO BIP? • Be a “citizen scientist” by generating and sharing data sets that will ultimately benefit honeybees, yourself and the beekeeping community you belong to.
  7. 7. SUPPORTED MANUFACTURERS • SolutionBee (B-Ware Smart Monitor product) • Arnia • BeeWatch (Basic & Professional)
  8. 8. WHATYOU SHOULD DO • Carefully annotate your data. • Set your approximate GPS coordinates. • SHARE your data set. • public, limited, and/or on the BIP map!
  9. 9. Public MAP:
  10. 10. Contact: BIP Scale Program: