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  1. 1. TheIntegratedPerson Jon Dunnemann, Founder and Director 'N Good Company, An emerging spiritual enterprise 110 White Road Lakewood, NJ 08701 "A Compassion Industry Leader."
  2. 2. The Integrated Person An integrated person learns how to mix emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and other aspects of self in order to establish a sense of harmony with the world and with one's self — then both the world and the individual's journey become clothed in meaning. The external world conditions that surround us will only begin to change when the nature of the causes that whirl within us begin to change. My attention continues to be focused on settling into a state of calm presence, emotional equilibrium, clear intelligence, solidarity and increasing wisdom. The intention of my heart is to live in a harmonious and altruistic way, actively motivated by the love of God, the experience of union with God, and the love of thy neighbor. What one thing would I do if I knew that I could not fail? Foremost is to do my very best to "lead out of my heart" or "way of being" or a sense of "shared competence" and to work diligently at developing skill in 1) guiding teenagers towards accepting themselves, 2) instructing them on how to identify when a threat is detected, 3) introduc- ing them to helpful thinking styles, 4) providing training that improves atten- tion, self-report assessment and self-reg- ulation, 5) increasing distress tolerance and competency in confronting and confidently coping with subject matters like alcohol and drugs, anger and violence, bullying and gangs, fear of becoming overwhelmed or aban- doned, self-harm and suicidal thoughts, and smoking and avoiding the person- al risks that are commonly associated with having unprotected sex. The primary goal for 'The Integrated Person' blog is to offer a combination of basic life skills, cultural, developmental, and spiritual practices and knowledge that helps to set young people at risk on a healthier life pathway. The achievement of positive outcomes has been proven to result from giving very focused and regular attention to the following key factors: Orienting one's life toward being; Self-involvement; Social support (individual & group); Mindfulness-based stress reduction; Breathing exercises; Personal coaching; Applied techniques for overriding a stress reactive imagina- tion; and tools that increase positive affect, disidentifying, reperceiving through imagery and visualization skills, learning for interpersonal effectiveness, self-regulation and distress tolerance. Because of my life experiences this is the work that I now feel most deeply called to do in the world. “My ultimate concern is to be genuine and to become a person of good counsel and example to youth ...”