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A group project developed for ITEC 830 class to for marketing purposes.

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  • Do you guys want to do voiceovers and / or music or just silence? For me (Lance) I think just having some electronic synth type music would work. From Brian - I think music is a good idea but if we use audio, we may have  to turn this into a video and put it on youtube or something like voicethread. . .   From Jonathan - Lance, it's a good idea, I would like to make it more of a multimedia project and I think Kim will like it too, but let's see how soon we can get the original plan done, and if there is time; let's discuss adding audio to it.
  • If we do voiceovers, should we all say "We are ITECers" together?
  • Should we change this to THEY are ITECers? To kind of flip it the other way?  Or, how about making it WE instead of We to emaphasize the larger encompassing group? From Brian - Since our images are also on the page, I don't think that we should use "THEY". I also think that the word "WE" is more powerful. What do you guys think Ty and Jonathan?   from Jonathan - I agree Brian,  we probably don't want that separation from "WE" and then say "THEY."  From Lance - sounds good to me, "WE" it is.
  • Who Are ITECers

    1. 1. Who are ITECers?
    2. 2. ITEC students come from diverse backgrounds, but all share a keen interest in designing instruction that will improve knowledge.
    3. 3. Hi, I’m Brian and I’m a Distance Learning Manager.
    4. 4. I grew up in Hawai’i and have a bachelor’s degree in Communications.
    5. 5. I’ve always been interested in technology, video production, coaching and teaching.
    6. 6. I am an ITECer because I want to combine my interests and help others utilize technology in education and training.
    7. 7. Hello, I’m Ty and I co-founded a non-profit organization
    8. 8. I'm from New York City. I majored in Anthropology.
    9. 9. I have a ton of interests: maps, language, permaculture, and much more (Star Trek!)...
    10. 10. I’m an ITECer because I get high off of learning - I want to make other people get high.
    11. 11. Hey, my name is Lance and I’m a Videographer.
    12. 12. I was born and raised in Hawai’i and got my bachelor's degree in Communications. Related graphic . . . (my family's house is in this picture somewhere)
    13. 13. I really enjoy working on video productions for education for its convenience and ability in bringing the classroom experience across to others in so many different ways.
    14. 14. I’m an ITECer because I want to know about more cutting edge and inventive ways I could use video production in education.
    15. 15. I’m Jonathan and I am a Graphic Designer.
    16. 16. I have traveled and lived abroad most of my life. I have a BA in Digital Art and love Philosophy.
    17. 17. I love to travel, help people and learn about other cultures. I am into technology and education.
    18. 18. I am an ITECer because I want to help narrow the gap between education and technology and to help people who lack access to both.
    19. 19. We are ITECers . . . Lover of Learning Distance Learning Manager Graphic Designer Videographer
    20. 20. We are ITECers! Lover of Learning Distance Learning Manager Graphic Designer Videographer Instructional Designer Technical Trainer Project Developer Technology Specialist Academic Technologist Product Manager Program Coordinator Writer/Learning Activist Chemistry Teacher Language Teacher Professor Musician Project Manager Web Designer Game Developer Multimedia Instructor Computer Specialist