Geothermal energy


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  • Geothermal energy

    1. 1. GEOTHERMAL ENERGYBEORenewable Ener gy
    2. 2. Indigenouspeople used hot wat er from springs for cooking, cleaning, and bathing.
    3. 3. These springs served asa source of war m h and ttheir m ner al s as a isour c e of heal i ng.
    4. 4. If we healthe earth, we healourselves.
    5. 5. 1800sThe first known commercialuse of geothermal ener gyoccurred in Hot Spr i ngs,
    6. 6. As a Thom on charged psone dollar each for the use of three spring-fedbaths in a wooden t ub.1830s
    7. 7. The first instance ofgeothermal el ect r i cpower emerged inSouthern Tuscany, I t al y .
    8. 8. 1960 11 megawat t s of net power were produced In Cal i f or ni a .
    9. 9. 1970s
    10. 10. 1990s
    11. 11. When we destroy ourselves,is because we pollute the Earth.
    12. 12. Location ofunderground ar easwith geot her mal water.Hot water travels up thewells to the sur f ace.Used to generateelectricity in geot her malpower plants or forenergy savingnon-electrical purposes.
    13. 13. In geot her m power plants alsteam, heat from geot her m alreservoirs provides the force thatspins the turbine generators andproduces electricity.
    14. 14. GEOTHERMAL Dr y St eam
    15. 15. GEOTHERMAL R E S E R V O I R
    16. 16. GEOTHERMALBi nar y Power Pl ant
    17. 17. We are not an environmentalist group.  We are Earth Rangers.
    18. 18. JUSTIMAGINE…
    19. 19. JUST ACTWITH TIME !
    20. 20. Ri ng ofFi r e
    21. 21. Advant ages:•There are noharmful productsto theenvi r onment .•GeothermalEner gy has helpedin reducing gl obal
    22. 22. Advant ages:•There is no consumption ofany type of f ossi lf uel s .• Geothermal Ener gy  doesnot output any type ofgr eenhouse effect.
    23. 23. •Advant ages :• Geothermal Ener gycan be used fordifferent pur poses .•Geothermal Ener gyhas an unlimitedpot ent i al .
    24. 24. Advant ages• Geothermal ener gy is r enewabl e, its an ener gy sour ce that can sust ai n its consumption.• It saves 70% on heating bills.
    25. 25. W ki ng to orraise thestandardof l i vi ng .
    26. 26. “Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.”
    27. 27. Di sadvant ages:•The type of r ockmust be easy todrill into. •The area shouldconsist of hotr ocks at just theright depth fordrilling.
    28. 28. There is no smoky airaround geothermalpower plants. Cl ean
    29. 29. Easy on t he l and Geot her mal i nst al l at i ons don t r equi r e make t he pr obl em bi gger .
    30. 30. RELI ABALEA geothermal power plantsits right on top of its fuelsource.
    31. 31. Fl exi bl eAdditional units installed inincrements when needed to fitgrowing demand for electricity.
    32. 32. Keep Dollars at home Geot herm f uel i s al al ways w here t he pow er pl ant i s .
    33. 33. HelpsDevelopingCountriesGrow. Installations can improve quality of life.
    34. 34. “Because we dont think aboutfuture generations,they will never forget us. ” Henr i k Ti kkanen