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SLP Student Presentation


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Introductory presentation on the Student Learner Profile at SAS middle schools.

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SLP Student Presentation

  1. 1. Student as a Learner Profile (SLP) A Presentation for SAS Pudong Middle School students
  2. 2. What is a Student as a Learner Profile?Separating your academicachievement from your behaviors4 Behavior CategoriesCooperation/CollaborationPreparation/OrganizationIntegrity/AttitudeActive Learning/Effort
  3. 3. Cooperation/Collaboration
  4. 4. Preparation/Organization
  5. 5. Integrity/Attitude
  6. 6. Active Learning/Effort
  7. 7. Student Learner Profile Scale
  8. 8. • Two pages instead of oneOur New MS • Letter score for each of the four SLP areasReport Card • Academic Grade • See our new sample