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Enabling Future Research and Promotion: CMC's Music Digitisation Project


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Slides from a presentation given by Jonathan Grimes to the IAML 2011 conference in Dublin on 25 July 2011.

The presentation introduces the Contemporary Music Centre's music digitisation project.

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Enabling Future Research and Promotion: CMC's Music Digitisation Project

  1. 1. Enabling Future Music Research and PromotionThe Contemporary Music Centre’s Digitisation ProjectJonathan GrimesIAML International Conference: Dublin, 25 July 2011
  2. 2. About us ...Documentation and promotion of Irish composers’ music
  3. 3. Events, advocacy, audience development
  4. 4. Resources•Almost 8000 works dating from 1900 - present•Sound archive - analogue and digital formats. 1,700 items•Related information - performances, programme notes•Other collections: concert programmes, reviews, articles•Extensive, content rich web site providing access to some of our catalogues, as well as regular news and features on Irish music
  5. 5. Digitisation Project
  6. 6. Digitisation Project: Aims •Access •Promotion •Preservation •Enable future research into Irish music
  7. 7. Digitisation Project: Outline Process •Scores selected for digitisation •Scanned in TIFF format •Edited and cleaned up •Metadata captured •Converted to PDF format, preview file created •Audio samples added where available
  8. 8. Name Composerid SearchIan Wilson 1964 - M 116Title SubtitleHARBOURINGYr of Comp. Duration Workid Scoreid Versions Primary Version?2007 6581 6582 1 Yes NoCategory Sub-category Description Instrumentation Instrumentation IdVocal and choral Voice, choir Voices, mixed choir, S-solo, Mez-solo, T-solo, satb [2 choirs], 4810 and orchestra accordion and string acc str orchestraMovements16 Movts: Crabbing; First Interlude; Seabirds Blessing; Interlude 2; Macquarie Harbour; Interlude 3; Prayers at CoalQuay; Interlude 4; Harbour Reflections; Interlude 5; The Stone House: Dromod Harbour; Interlude 6; Safe Harbour;Interlude 7; Currach; The Harbour.Text authors Type LanguageJacob Polley, Alice Oswald, Rex Ingamells, Gerard Fanning, English No. of PlayersJames Wilkes, Kate Burnside, Tony Curtis, Winifred M. Letts. Published? Publisher/MS Yr/place published Yes UE To Check NoPublication Series ID PublicationFormats Type Digital file? No. of pages3 Score and part(s) Computer typeset 676 Recording Programme note 175Commissioned by:Wexford County Council and funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government Per Centfor Art scheme in association with Rosslare Harbour and Carcur Main Drainage schemes.Premiere date/ place5 June 2008. Whites of Wexford, Wexford, Ireland.PerformersWexford Festival Singers, Enniscorthy Choral Society, Gorey Choral Group, Dermot Dunne (acc), Irish ChamberOrchestra, conductor Fergus Sheil. Premiered ? For promotion? Reason Price_bandID Price Yes Yes 11 €40.00 Completed No No Yes In progressNotes No Delete checked NOH Acquisitions basement_score_size Standard (A4) Oversize (A3/B5) Digi InfoCalendar input methodPremiere Date Place Performers Digital file 6 June 2008 Whites of Wexford, Wexford, Ireland Wexford Festival Singers, Enniscorthy Choral Created_by Society, Gorey Choral Group, Dermot Dunne score orders (acc), Irish Chamber Orchestra, conductorpremiere 5 June 2008 Whites of Wexford, Wexford, Ireland Wexford Festival Singers, Enniscorthy Choral Society, Gorey Choral Group, Dermot Dunne Digi Phase
  9. 9. name Peter Moran Phase Clips Database Title/Yr comp It is not true... n.d. input method Digital file Duration 56 Format Computer typeset score ClipID 1549 Work ID 7926 No. of pages On web site? Yes No fileID 3526 Selected work? N/A Permission received? Yes No Recording ID Notes Date_scanned 19/07/2011 Dubh Created_by Emma OHalloran TIFF_filename PDF_filename 3526c.pdf Prelim pages (portrait) wPDF_filename 3526.pdf Notes Prelim pages (landscape) Tiff_format PDF_format Preview Digitial File? 1 Scanned by Ready for web? Yes No Checked HP EOH On_web? Yes No To check Available Recordings reccCMC accession no. 457CD Artists Trio Scordatura. RecordingID 8738 Copyright Ergodos Fixed? Yes No Commercial release To Check Recording type (from Works) check ins text author language
  10. 10. Copyright Permissions sought on a composer by composer basis Agreement currently allows for display of sample pages from scores only Up to 1 min of audio extracts No blanket agreements
  11. 11. Progress to date
  12. 12. Progress to date •3360 scores digitised •Audio clips for over 1000 works •Original materials scanned in full colour - drafts, sketches, notes •Launch of pilot digital archive -
  13. 13. Partners •Partnership with An Foras Feasa - the Institute for Research in Irish Historical and Cultural Traditions •Partnership with the Music Departments of St Patricks College, Drumcondra (SPD), Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT), and NUI Maynooth (NUIM) •Funding from Arts Council, and Arts Council of Northern Ireland
  14. 14. Database development
  15. 15. Database development •FRBR model •Dublin Core •METS/MODs •Relational database Vs XML-defined schema
  16. 16. Challenges Balancing promotion needs with preservation archiving needs Ambition vs deliverables Future-proofing the work carried out
  17. 17. Key take home points
  18. 18. Why re-invent the wheel?
  19. 19. We need a national digitisation strategy
  20. 20. Thanks!
  21. 21. Jonathan Grimes, General / @jonathangrimesContemporary Music