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Byspire xynteo presentation


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BySpire redefines Norwegian agriculture - We will reduce imports of vegetables and herbs, as well as improve the selection and quality on the Nordic market.

We will do this by cultivating vegetables and herbs all year round, using the latest in high-tech vertical cultivation.

BySpire will sell high quality products mainly through grocery stores, but we will also work with some selected restaurants and hotels. Follow us on our journey to challenge status quo!

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Byspire xynteo presentation

  1. 1. • 70% of the worlds fresh water consumption is linked to agricultulture • Ocean dead zones: Nitrogen and Phosphorous build-ups in the oceans • 9 Billion people and less farm land (Year 2050) The problem
  2. 2. The solution - Merging nature with technology
  3. 3. How it works • Led lights • Fertilizers • Recirculation pump • Sensors
  4. 4. • Up to 98% Less water consumption • Year around production • Higher quality and nutrition levels • No pesticides Advantages
  5. 5. Our team Johan Bogeberg Technology l Silje Andersen Communication Christian Drabløs LED light expert Olga Popovic Civil Agronomist Jonathan Vilkander Operations Jonas Tesfu Retail & branding Dirk-Jan van Lubek Technology
  6. 6. Creating impact beyond Nordics • Collaboration with Hydroponic Kenya in climate resilient solutions • Hydroponic Kenya grows different salads, kale, tomatoes and animal fodder (Without LED lights) • Knowledge transfer of technology and know how (Fogponics etc.)
  7. 7. We need help with: • Investors • Board members and advisors • Horizon 2020, UN and other opportunities in Nordics and Africa (Climate funds etc.) • Collaboration with Universities and public sector