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Avoid Identity Theft Prevention and fraud with Comprehensive identity fraud protection is only Identity Theft Protection Service from former law enforcement.

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Identity Theft Protection Services - KeepMyID

  1. 1. KeepMyID.Orgwww.keepmyid.orgTOTAL Identity Theft ProtectionWe’re different. Other companies just monitor. Once they call you, it’stoo late. Our goal is to prevent your identity from ever beingstolen.
  2. 2. - Page 2Why you Need ID Theft Protection Every 4 seconds, there is another victim of identity theft. It is the fastest growing crime inthe United States. Ten million people will become victims of identity theft this year alone. Everyone buys car insurance, flood insurance, and fire insurance for their home. But no onedoes anything to protect their identity. The chances of an actual fire in your home are 1/728.In contrast, your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft are over 100 times more likely – 1 in 3. This year the average victim of identity theft will spend over 330 hours trying to resolve thedamage done, and they will spend $1378 in out of pocket expenses.Replace this dummy textwith our own text. Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently eachyear with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion.The text here is meaningless as it isused to fill this slide.1 in 728 chance for a House Fire and we all have Insurance for it. 1 in 3 for ID Theft and we haveNO Protection.
  3. 3. - Page 3-The Only ID Theft Service Endorsed by the NLPOA (NationalPolice Officer Association)-”Best ID Theft And Fraud Protection Service Out There.” JimRolfe, The U.S. Attorney (appointed by President Reagan 1981-1985)
  4. 4. - Page 4Who We Are We Are Founded And Operated ByFormer: POLICE OFFICERS, FBI, U.S.MARSHALS, SECRET SERVICE,TEXAS RANGERS, CHIEF STATEPROSECUTORS, AND THE FORMERU.S. ATTORNEY. ISO 27001 Certified (highest availablesecurity) Our compliant are HIPAA & PCIThe founders of KeepMyID.Org have over 200 years of law enforcementexperience
  5. 5. - Page 5How To Get The Best Identity Theft Protection:Most services offer credit “monitoring.” AnyIdentity Theft Expert will tell you thatmonitoring is practically useless. Why? Allmonitoring does is inform you, that you arenow a victim. That is far too late. You wantsomeone to prevent you from becoming avictim in the first place! That is does best (for only $11-17/month). If you see the words “monitoring”save your money. Don’t sign up.What is your monitoring service going todo about those. I can tell you — nothing.Make sure you get a service thatPrevents (not monitors) identity theftcovers ALL ID theft events; not just half ofthem.Lesson #1: Don’t Get A Monitoring Service.
  6. 6. - Page 6How To Get The Best Identity Theft Protection:1. Do you hire an attorney for me fromDay One?If they say NO, move on. They are really justa monitoring service pretending to be aprevention service.2. Do you ensure that fraud alerts are puton my accounts every 90 days?This is ID Theft 101. Alerts are your main toolfor blocking financial ID theft. If they sayNO, move on quickly.3. Do you protect me from ALL ID theftevents (Medical, Tax, etc. )Make sure your company has providingprevention services from all types of IdentityTheft attacks.4. Do you offer unlimited recovery servicesand assign a case worker to do ALL thework for me?If they do not assign a case worker who doesALL of the work for you, move on.Lesson #2 — THE FOUR QUESTIONS TO ASK ANY SERVICEBEFORE SIGNING UP:
  7. 7. - Page 7How KeepMyID Workes :Step 1 - ID Theft Prevention and Protection Continuous Fraud Alerts:According to FBI statistics this step alone will reduce your chances of identity theft over 80%. Three Free Credit Reports:Each year you will receive three free credit reports. An important part of knowing if youridentity has been stolen is reviewing your credit reports. Junk Mail Reduction Program:This step will drastically reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. Telemarketer Reduction Program:This step keeps your information more private and reduces the number of telemarketing callsyou will receive. Identity Theft Insurance:In the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen, we have an insurance policy in place tocover certain losses that you may incur.Comprehensive Daily Protection Against Identity Theft With Two Steps
  8. 8. - Page 8How KeepMyID Workes :Step 2 - ID Theft Prevention – Training Resources From the Experts Identity Theft 101:There are dozens of precautions you can take to decrease your chances of being a victim. Asa member of, each customer is taught the preventative measures to take.You will receive the latest training and materials from the foremost experts in the field. Youwill be alerted to the most common scams and schemes. All of this information will beavailable through our online resource center.
  9. 9. - Page 9KeepMyID Comparision Financial Fraud Child ID Theft Medical ID Theft Social Security Fraud Tax Fraud Criminal Activity Employment Fraud Benefits Fraud Email Scam Credit Identity TheftOther services just protect againstFINANCIAL FRAUD. We cover all ID TheftEvents
  10. 10. - Page 10Take a few moments to review our services, keep up with the latestidentity theft protection trends on our blog, and connect with us onFacebook and Twitter.Our Blog : Customer Support:Telephone: (800) 664-5936 (24 hours a day)Address: Identity Enterprises, LLC (dba - Box 631037Irving Texas 75063-1037Email: support@keepmyid.orgContact Us