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Vicodin addiction is a serious issue. Vicodin (hydrocodone) is a pharmaceutical drug that is used as a painkiller and widely prescribed throughout the world. It is very effective at reducing pain, but also is very addictive at the same time. One of the biggest problems with getting addicted to this drug, is that acetaminophen can cause severe problems to the liver in large doses. Over time, a Vicodin drug addiction can cause serious long term health problems, and should be treated as soon as possible.

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Vicodin Addiction Treatment

  1. 1. Vicodin Addiction Treatment By Into Action Treatment Of
  2. 2. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin AddictionSymptoms, Signs, Withdrawal, andTreatmentVicodin or hydrocodone addiction is aserious issue.The interesting fact about this type ofdrug addiction, is that it is not what mostpeople picture when they think of aserious addiction.This is not your typical homeless drugaddict drug, but it can cause just as muchpain and suffering as the street drugs onthe market today. Vicodin Addiction
  3. 3. Vicodin Addiction Treatment The difference with this type of addiction is that it is much more secluded and widespread. Nearly everyone, at one time or another, has been prescribed this medication. With an addiction like this, many people may not even realize that they have that bad of a problem. This can make a Vicodin addiction much more dangerous than a street drug addiction. Vicodin Addiction
  4. 4. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin (hydrocodone) is a pharmaceuticaldrug that is used as a painkiller and widelyprescribed throughout the world.It is very effective at reducing pain, but alsois very addictive at the same time.For the normal user of this drug, it doesnot pose much of a risk, however ifsomeone has an addictive personality thenit can easily get them hooked from thestart.This drug is a combination of hydrocodoneand acetaminophen (Tylenol). Vicodin Addiction
  5. 5. Vicodin Addiction Treatment One of the biggest problems with getting addicted to this drug, is that acetaminophen can cause severe problems to the liver in large doses. The liver is only able to metabolize a certain amount of acetaminophen each day. If you take more than your body can handle, then it builds up in the body and can cause liver failure1. Over time, a Vicodin drug addiction can cause serious long term health problems, and should be treated as soon as possible. Addiction Vicodin
  6. 6. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin Addiction SymptomsSo how do you know if your taking of thisdrug has led into a full fledged addiction?Below are listed some of the most commonsigns of a Vicodin addiction.If you show some of these signs, you maybe close to an addiction to Vicodin.However, always check with a licensedhealth professional to get a diagnosis. Thismaterial is meant to be helpful, but is notmedical advice. Vicodin Addiction
  7. 7. Vicodin Addiction Treatment • Taking larger amounts of the medication than prescribed by your doctor • Going to more than one doctor to get multiple prescriptions of Vicodin filled • Increased tolerance to the drug, meaning you have to take more of it to get the same effect • Having feelings of guilt rise up after taking too much of the drug • Severe side effects like insomnia, night sweats, or achy muscles after you stop taking the medication Vicodin Addiction
  8. 8. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentIf you have any of these symptoms when you take Vicodin,then you should meet with an addiction specialist.If you have more than 1 of these symptoms, then you shouldseek drug treatment. Vicodin Addiction
  9. 9. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin Addiction WithdrawalBefore you begin a life free of Vicodin addiction, if you are trulyaddicted, you will have to go through a withdrawal process.This is not an enjoyable process, but is a necessary one if you are tolive a drug free life.The hardest part of getting off of any drug is learning how to livewithout it.For so long, drug addicts have trainedthemselves to live with the drug, that regularlife without Vicodin can seem challenging oreven boring.However, with a little bit of practice, life canbecome fun and enjoyable again. Vicodin Addiction
  10. 10. Vicodin Addiction Treatment Vicodin is a very tough drug to break free from, because it is made from one of the most addictive substances in the world, opium. Withdrawal is the most challenging time, and during this time it is easy to fall back into active addiction. The pain and suffering that one has to go through, often leads the user back into full fledged active addiction. Vicodin withdrawal usually starts within 6 to 12 hours after the last dose was taken. Vicodin Addiction
  11. 11. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms• upset stomach • bone aches and pains• Diarrhea • muscles aches and pain• Insomnia • irritability and restlessness• cold sweats • panic attacks• night terrors • Nausea• cold flashes • chills• leg spams Vicodin Addiction
  12. 12. Vicodin Addiction Treatment As you can see, this is a long list of many unpleasant things. If you are withdrawing from Vicodin, you may experience any of these symptoms and more. There can also be severe consequences of withdrawing from Vicodin without the supervision of a health professional. Death can occur if you do not detox properly. Vicodin Addiction
  13. 13. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentIf you have been on this medication for a long time, it is notadvisable to stop cold turkey, because the body can go intoshock.This can cause severe health issues. The best route to go is with adrug detox center, where you will be monitored around the clockand under the best health care.This is the safest and best bet for long term recovery from Vicodinaddiction. Vicodin Addiction
  14. 14. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentVicodin Addiction TreatmentJust like with any serious drugaddiction, Vicodin addiction needs to betreated for proper long term recovery.Vicodin is a pharmaceutical grade drugand is much more powerful than alcoholor other substances.The power of Vicodin can cause severelong term health issues to the internalorgans.This drug, although made for a goodreason, is very easy to get addicted to. Vicodin Addiction
  15. 15. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentThere are most likely underlying issues that have not beenlooked at, and when someone detoxes off of Vicodin, theyare in a great spot to heal some past issues that have beenavoided.A drug addiction, at its most basic level is an avoidance oflife and certain issues. Vicodin Addiction
  16. 16. Vicodin Addiction Treatment In the recovery and treatment phase ofa Vicodin addiction, it is time to look atlife from a different perspective andultimately heal.This is a brave and courageous thing todo, and not everyone is up for it.Recovery is always possible, even withsome of the most hopeless of cases, butwe have seen what happens to anaddiction with some famous celebritieswho have lost their lives to addictions. Vicodin Addiction
  17. 17. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentThis is not child’s play, although most addictions do beginwith a naive and innocent avoidance of life.It is only when the addict is ready to face life and all of thedestruction that they have created in their life and the livesof those around them. Vicodin Addiction
  18. 18. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentAre you ready to end your addiction to Vicodin and not letthis drug or any other control your life?If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, then it iscrucial that you learn to live without drugs in your life. A severe drug addiction never gets any better once it hasbegun its final downward spiral. Vicodin Addiction
  19. 19. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentYou will want to get treatment for your Vicodin and prescription drugaddiction.We are a full service rehab and detox located in South Florida.So if you are ready to move out of this addiction and into freedom, giveus a call and we will be happy to talk with you and lend a helping hand.We want all of those who want to live sober but do not know how, toget the opportunity to live a life of freedom.You have to trust in order to heal, and we will help you to get your lifeback under control. Vicodin Addiction
  20. 20. Vicodin Addiction TreatmentThis is not an impossible task, overcoming a hydrocodoneaddiction, but it does take courage and support to make itthrough to the other side.We will be here ready to help, as soon as you are ready fortreatment. Vicodin Addiction
  21. 21. Thank YouVicodin Addiction Treatment For more information please visit