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Ten Tips – Press Releases as Marketing Tools


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Press releases are virtually free marketing tools. They can help your business create buzz, increase visibility offline and online and have the potential to drive organic website traffic. Learn about 10 tips on using press releases as marketing tools.

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Ten Tips – Press Releases as Marketing Tools

  1. 1. Ten Tips –Press Releases as Marketing Tools By wbrennan
  2. 2. Press Releases as Marketing ToolsPress releases are virtually freemarketing tools.They can help your business createbuzz, increase visibility offline andonline and have the potential to driveorganic website traffic.Here are ten tips to help you learnhow to create your first release today.
  3. 3. Press Releases as Marketing Tools AKA news releases, they are simply written statement to the media with some news of interest to a particular audience. Here are 10 inside tips for creating a press release that will generate lots of free publicity. Here we go… Marketing Tools
  4. 4. Press Releases as Marketing Tools 1. Easy to publish: Some media publications take your press release and use it with little or no editing or without alteration. But even if it is picked up or isn’t used as you wrote it, journalists can sometimes file it and use it as background or a foundation piece or confirmation for a different story. The more regular information and details you include and the less work the media has to do, the greater likelihood of acceptance, raising your chance of publication. And that’s your objective, so put in the effort.
  5. 5. Press Releases as Marketing Tools2. Powerful start: Your title and initial lines should briefly and directly convey just what you need to say. Add the traditional 5 questions: “who, what, where, when and why” inside the lead within your press release. The remaining components of your press release really should include any available supporting facts and examples.What’s next? Marketing Tools
  6. 6. Press Releases as Marketing Tools 3. Relevant: Make an effort to point out real examples to support what it’s all about you’re trying to convey. Show why your information is relevant and informative plus how it benefits the reader. Better believe if your release really isn’t newsworthy, you’re not going to see it published or you can’t expect anybody to read it.
  7. 7. Press Releases as Marketing Tools4. Walk in your audience’ moccasins: Try to think like your audience. What information are they looking for? Your press release has to maintain the reader’s interest. What if you were the reader, would you want to read your press release? Marketing Tools
  8. 8. Press Releases as Marketing Tools5. Avoid industry jargon: If your release is difficult to understand for journalists not fluent in your marketplace, the less likely it is to have it picked up. A limited amount of industry terminology is OK if you are truly working to optimize the news release for the proper audience and for internet search engines.
  9. 9. Press Releases as Marketing Tools6. Support your story with real facts: Facts help to more firmly make your point. They tell the journalists you’ve already done much of the research for them. If you happen to scoop up information or facts from other sources, be sure you give them adequate credit. Stay away from fluff. Whatever you do, don’t ever make up any details or information. If content seems too good to be true, it probably is. Moderate it and keep it within bounds. You don’t want to damage your trust and credibility.Half way there… Marketing Tools
  10. 10. Press Releases as Marketing Tools7. Concise: Avoid using over-the-top terminology, excessive adjectives or unneeded clichés. Get to your purpose quickly and communicate your story as directly and honestly as they can.
  11. 11. Press Releases as Marketing Tools8. Get permission: Don’t get yourself into trouble. Businesses can be defensive about others using their name, logo or image. Obtain from them written approval before you include information or quotes from officers or managers of companies. Or at least generalize the company (e.g. a firm in the photovoltaic industry or a prominent financial consultant, etc.) when mentioning them.Still more… Marketing Tools
  12. 12. Press Releases as Marketing Tools9. Do not use exclamation points!: If you use them you could possibly diminish your credibility by using too much hype. But if you have to include an exclamation point, include only one! Not several!!! LOL.
  13. 13. Press Releases as Marketing Tools10. Company information: The press release should finish up with a short explanation of your business including what your company does for a living, what products or service it sells as well as a brief company history. If you set up a press release for more than one company, don’t forget to supply information for each of the companies at the end of the release. Also include contact information, both contact number and e-mail and whatever else is related, for the spokesperson of each of the companies. Marketing Tools
  14. 14. Press Releases as Marketing Tools Implement the above tips today and please leave a comment below with your own experiences. What sort of press releases have you published? What techniques have you found useful for boosting the probability of your piece being picked up? Please leave me your thoughts below…
  15. 15. Press Releases as Marketing Tools Will Brennan has varied and extensive experience in Fortune 500 marketing and has started 6 small businesses of his own. This gives him familiarity with customer details that many others forget or ignore. Marketing Tools
  16. 16. Press Releases as Marketing Tools He is proud of experience he collected to help guide your business and design optimum marketing tools to achieve your growth goals. He has written announcements for: launching products and services, new websites, new hires, sponsoring a specific event or seminar and many more. His articles are located at:
  17. 17. Thank You Ten Tips –Press Releases asMarketing Tools For more information please visit