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Merchant Warehouse is quite simply the best processors we have come across. They do not advertise terms like “lowest rates”, or “rates as low as”, we found that when the overall cost of their accounts were compared to their peers they were considerably lower, and one of the biggest factors driving our score is their commitment to customer service. Click on the above link to find out more

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Merchant Warehouse Review

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  2. 2. Merchant Warehouse ReviewMerchant Warehouse is quite simply the best processors we havecome across.While they do not advertise terms like “lowest rates”, or “rates aslow as”, we found that when the overall cost of their accountswere compared to their peers they were considerably lower, andone of the biggest factors driving our score is their commitment tocustomer service. Merchant Warehouse Review
  3. 3. Merchant Warehouse ReviewOur conversations with their sales repscould not have gone better, and we weresurprised and impressed at how muchinformation they wanted to know aboutour business in order to best set up ourrates.We’ve been rushed through othermerchant account sales processes,Merchant Warehouse seems to put afocus on actually tailoring accounts toeach business/business owner. Merchant Warehouse Review
  4. 4. Merchant Warehouse Review As we mentioned before one of the biggest strengths is that they offer superior service compared to their peers, with 24 hour 7 day a week in-house technical support. This commitment to customer support is seen through both their website testimonials as well as their current A+ rating with the BBB. Those complaints that are levied against them appear as though they are actually directly at First Data and not Merchant Warehouse, and are the result of merchants being flagged for suspicious activity, linked to potential fraud issues. Merchant Warehouse Review
  5. 5. Merchant Warehouse ReviewOne of the biggest strengths of working with Merchant Warehouse, isthat their agreements run from month to month with no earlytermination or cancellation fees.Each month you have the opportunity to evaluate the costs on yourstatement, and the customer service you received, and decidewhether or not you wish to continue working with them. MONTHLY BASIS Merchant Warehouse Review
  6. 6. Merchant Warehouse ReviewThey seem to honestly pride themselves on providing top of the lineservice and pricing to their merchants, and are willing to put theirmoney where their mouth is and give merchants the opportunity togo elsewhere if they ever fail to live up to those ideals. Merchant Warehouse Review
  7. 7. Merchant Warehouse ReviewAn additional hidden gem is that they offer free processing ratereviews for those merchants that are already processing with anothermerchant service provider, if they are unable to save your businessmoney compared to their competitors they will pay you $100 for yourtime. Merchant Warehouse Review
  8. 8. Merchant Warehouse Review One last benefit and reason that we have Merchant Warehouse rated so highly is their commitment to saving small businesses money. With the launch of the Durbin legislation on October 1st, Merchant Warehouse updated their pricing to ensure that the savings available were passed through to their customers. While sort of a necessity with their no contract, no cancellation fee system, it is great to see a company that understands that their own success is best realized through their customers success. Merchant Warehouse Review
  9. 9. Merchant Warehouse ReviewWe highly recommend that small business owners looking to get thebest merchant account for their credit card processing needs speakwith Merchant Warehouse.You can visit their website or call them at 1.866.785.6380 to speakwith a sales representative and learn more. Merchant Warehouse Review