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Freelance Malaysia


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Freelance Malaysia provides affordable, quality and professional outsource services to businesses. Outsourcing to Freelance Malaysia will not only save your businesses precious resources and enable cost containment, but also ensure a professional standard of service for your business.
Freelance Malaysia aims to deliver results that satisfy a customer’s needs. We aim for long term relationship with all our customers and produce works which may cost several times more elsewhere.

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Freelance Malaysia

  1. 1. Freelance Malaysia By
  2. 2. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On Being A FreelancerFreelance Malaysia is all about providingfreelance services to companies andbusinesses.Hi, my name is Joe and I have beenproviding freelance services tocompanies and businesses for some timenow.This website ‘Freelance Malaysia‘ is madefor several reasons.First and foremost, I lost my job half ayear back.
  3. 3. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On Being A FreelancerSecondly, companies, large andsmall, always have problem lookingfor quality outsource work, whichboils down to freelancer whoprovides quality work.Thirdly, outsourcing will always be aviable option for costcontainment, especially for smalland medium enterprises.Fourth, Ineed more clients.
  4. 4. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On Being A FreelancerAll these years I have been dealing mainly with small andmedium-sized companies.The feedback I received from my existing clients reflect theacceptable professional standard of work I produced for them.With the loss of regular income I need another channel for moreprospects and clients.As a result, I put up this simplewebsite to let business owners knowwhat I can provide at a feasible cost.Check out the outsource services Iprovide below.
  5. 5. Freelance MalaysiaFreelance Malaysia On Outsource Outsourcing will remain to be a viable option for companies because it is a great way to contain cost which gives the business an edge to compete with the big boys! However, many business owners are reluctant to outsource because of the tedious process of getting someone they can trust and someone who can produce acceptable quality.
  6. 6. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On OutsourceThis is very understandable from thebusiness point of view.Certainly many business owners alsodislike the waiting time to get backany outsource work.That is also another major deterrentfor many businesses to outsource.Again, this boils down totrustworthiness of the freelancer.
  7. 7. Freelance MalaysiaFreelance Malaysia On Outsource From the business point of view, it is more than just the cost factor that contributes to viability. The quality of work is also another major factor that affects the end results. For example, I have known business owners who simply pass an article to a ‘secretary’ to convert the thing to Powerpoint!
  8. 8. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On OutsourceThere is no disrespect here for‘secretary’.I do know secretaries who producegreat quality presentation.However, most secretaries are nottrained to do decent Powerpointpresentation.Sure, they will get the job done.
  9. 9. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On OutsourceWorse, I have known some business owners who rather do thework themselves.This will take away valuable time of the owner which can be usedfor more profitable activities or tasks.All these tasks can be outsourced to Freelance Malaysia.Check out my services below.
  10. 10. Freelance Malaysia Freelance Malaysia On Freelance ServicesI provide services in the following areas:1. Powerpoint Presentation 5. Mobile Web Design2. Powerpoint Presentation 6. Video Production with Voice Over 7. SEO3. Voice Over 8. Social Marketing4. Web Design 9. Video Marketing
  11. 11. Thank YouFreelanceMalaysia For more information please visit