Dental Bridge vs Implant


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Dental Bridge vs Implant

  1. 1. Dental Bridge vs Implant
  2. 2. Dental Bridge vs ImplantThinking of opting for dental implantsurgery to regain your confidence tosmile brightly once again?Many people nowadays suffer fromvarious dental problems which can becured and healed with help of modernmedical treatments.As you are yet to decide the best optionfor your need, it is always suggested thatyou consider the option that not onlysuits your requirement but also yourbudget limits perfectly.
  3. 3. Dental Bridge vs Implant Talking about dental implant treatment, it is widely known that this surgical process of teeth implantation costs a lot which is most often unaffordable by common masses. While dental implant can be the best permanent solution to your tooth problems, not everyone can afford to indulge in this expensive treatment
  4. 4. Dental Bridge vs ImplantFor them, the dental bridge can bestated as an effective alternativethat is available within budget pricerates.In this article we will be trying todiscuss about some of theprominent differences betweendental implant and dental bridgeto get a better idea about the bestsolution for you to bank on.
  5. 5. Dental Bridge vs ImplantIn dental surgical treatment, be it dental implant process or dentalbridge, there are some factors that need to be considered rightlyas provided below:Oral health: Before going for anysurgery, the first thing to consider iswhether it will be affecting your oralhealth which can result in futureproblems.However in a dental implantprocess, the health of your teeth willnot be affected as this surgical processleaves your teeth intact and unharmed.
  6. 6. Dental Bridge vs ImplantIn this process, the support orincision is done with help of atitanium wire that is passedthrough the jaw bone.On the other hand, in dentalbridging process, dentistssometimes need to cut or tearthrough healthy teeth to build asupportive structure, thushampering the health of yourteeth.
  7. 7. Dental Bridge vs ImplantResilient and durable: No doubt dental implant process is abetter solution than dental bridge in consideration of its durabilityand resilient.While the former is a permanent help to solve all your dentaltroubles, the durability expectation of dental bridging is around10-12 years at the maximum. Moreover, dental implant treatment provides you with a stronger bonding which is similar to natural teeth arrangement; whereas bridges mostly depend on the support of adjacent teeth to stay structured.
  8. 8. Dental Bridge vs ImplantOral hygiene and cleanliness: Here also implant of tooth winsover the dental bridging process as in the former, patient caneasily indulge in all oral functionalities such aseating, chewing, brushing etc.However, in dental bridgetreatment, regular flossing isrequired which is not an easytask but demands fortime, patience andcarefulness.
  9. 9. Dental Bridge vs ImplantVisual appearance: Dental implant is considered as moderndental cosmetic surgery that involves the best moderntechnologies and advancements. Hence it is understandable thatthe teeth arrangement of dental implant will surely have a naturaland realistic appearance. On the other hand, dental bridge fails to match up to the perfection and natural essence of dental implant treatment process.
  10. 10. Dental Bridge vs ImplantCost and expense: Though the process of dental implant rulesover dental bridge in every aspect, it is true that the high expenseof the treatment is not affordable by all and everyone.Hence when consideringthe cost factor, dentalbridge comes as a muchcheaper and affordableoption in comparison todental implant.
  11. 11. Dental Bridge vs ImplantAfter complete analysis and study of the primary factors that needto be considered when thinking of dental treatment, it can berightly stated that for people who are not in any restrain ofbudget, the dental implant treatment is surely the best solutionto bank on for long term benefits and advantages.
  12. 12. Thank you Dental Bridge vs Implant For details please