New Media Integrated Marketing, Strategy & Tactics by Jonah Guo, Queen's MBA


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New Media is taking a larger and larger share of marketing dollars. While the traditional media still take significant part in consumers' life, new media is changing consumer's behavior in a more dramatic way. In this world, a brand and a consumer is equal. What strategy should marketers use to create an greater impact with less budget? Probably, we should always go back to consumers, whose nature as human being have never changed. CIPAL is a efficient strategy in the new media environment: the two-way communication, interaction and integrated channel with wisely usage of PR and advertising, and Link to brand & positioning. Also, some traditional tactics such as Baby, Beauty, Beast, AKA 3B, will still work in the new media, but marketers will need think in a web 2.0 way to implement those tactics.

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New Media Integrated Marketing, Strategy & Tactics by Jonah Guo, Queen's MBA

  1. 1. By
  2. 2. Marketing Today“It was the best of times,it was the worst of times,it was the age of wisdom,it was the age of foolishness…” Charles Dickens 1812 -1870
  3. 3. Best Time: More ChannelsMagazine NewspaperTV Radio Outdoor
  4. 4. Higher AccuracyAnalytical tools provided by Google and other parties allow marketers to have a betterunderstanding consumers and the impacts of their campaigns.
  5. 5. Worst Time: Cost ControlUnder the current economy downturn, companies are trying to control their budget.CEOs and CFOs expect a greater impact with the same amount money spent beforein traditional media.
  6. 6. New Media are Influential Which media influence the consumers’ purchasing decision?30% TV Print20% Internet10%0% Source: DoubleClick Touchpoints III
  7. 7. The Spending is Growing Note: Super Bowl XLVI $3.5 million/30s
  8. 8. New Media is Leading in ROI
  9. 9. But also in RiskNew media may help cost control and create bigger impact, but theymay also backfire without proper planning and strategy.
  10. 10. Negative Impact on the BrandKenneth Cole’s strategy of linking his new product collectionto the events in Cairo was heavily criticised by consumers
  11. 11. Human Nature Never Changed Dream Happiness Love Recognition Family Respect Community FriendWe may use more of Smart Phones, tablets and video games,but we still use them to get connected with the communityand tribe. People still want the same thing as before.
  12. 12. Communication: AIDMA Law Action Memory Desire Interest Attention The whole learning curve has never changed
  13. 13. Consumer  StrategyIn the new media environment ,we need a better marketingstrategy to support the whole process of getting a client, fromattention all the way to action: to Buy or not to buy, to buy ourproducts or our competitors’.
  14. 14. New Media Strategy: CIPAL Communicate not yell Interact not sell Integrate all channels PR vs. Advertising Link to brand & positioningIn the new media, a brand and a consumer are equal. So two-way communicationand interaction works better than the one-way communication. PR and Advertisingshould be used wisely. Always make the connection between your strategy/campaignwith your brand and positioning.
  15. 15. CIPAL: Flash Mob Flash Mob became a popular social activity since 2-3 years ago. T-Mobile listened to its clients and decided to link this popular activity to their brand and products. It all started from Liverpool Street Station in Jan 2009, where hundreds of dancers grouped together to share their passion in dancing. In 2010, another group of singers gathered together to welcome back the passengers in London International Airport. The most well-known event is probably that 13,500 people sang together in Trafalgar Square. It created a lot of free PR for T-Mobile. Life for Sharing has a strong connection with Telecommunication business. A great Campaign.
  16. 16. Week/Negative Link to the BrandAmazed by the success,T -Mobile tried to copy the success bylaunching the fake royal wedding video and fake parkingticket video.Yet the link to its telecommunication businesswas weak and somehow negative
  17. 17. Use CIPAL WiselyAccording to WaveMetrix, a vast majority of discussion wasaround the videos and not the brand. When people thoughtthe videos were hilarious, they did not find the connectionwith T-Mobile. Those who did, found the connection in anegative way.
  18. 18. Practical Tactic: 3B Law Baby Beauty BeastNow I’d like share some practical tactic that have been provento work in traditional media. I believe this law still works forthe new media, because human nature has never changed.
  19. 19. I am not talking aboutthe Disney film here.
  20. 20. I’m talking about real marketing Warning: This presentation is rated PG-13 For inappropriate images & videos
  21. 21. BabyPurity  NatureNaivety  FreedomHumanity  Humor
  22. 22. Top brands have beenusing baby for ages.
  23. 23. A Traditional Media Case Baby Swing, Macdonald ,1996 Video:
  24. 24. Evian Live Young Case13 years later, Evian used the same idea and became the leader in viral video. The video was a top 5 video in Youtube globally.
  25. 25. Social Media IntegrationBut Evian did more than that, it integrated the baby visual in print media, social media, Interactive web site, and also in the retail channels where consumers can get their own baby T-shirts.
  26. 26. Interactive Web Site
  27. 27. Retail Integration
  28. 28. But Use Baby WiselyHopefully, this kind of babyadvertising are now banned
  29. 29. Abused  Negative ImpactCompanies such as ETRADE take advantage ofbaby concept in its Super Bowl TVC and onlinecommunications.While it did create a high impact to the audience,the negative connection with the brand is obvious. Video:
  30. 30. Adults  BabiesSo to abuse baby visual from an adult perspectivemay cause negative connection with brand.But you can also show your baby concept withoutbaby visual. Adults can sometimes act like babies. Video:
  31. 31. Beauty Beautiful People Sex Beauty of Product
  32. 32. Beautiful People: Dior J’adore 2011
  33. 33. Sex: AXE use sex to sell across various channels, with massages thatare sometimes sexist. It is good for sales, but aesthetic fatigueand possible negative impact could be a problem.
  34. 34. Evolved Campaign/Interaction AXE probably realized the problem and launched an evolved campaign recently.The Bikini ladies are now changed to Angels. In their interactive site consumer can “date” one of the angels.
  35. 35. Beauty of ProductWhile this tactic may work in traditional channel,it may not work alone in the new media.People will not spend time watching a beautifulhamburger in Youtube. But some combinationwith other aspects of beauty may work.
  36. 36. Sex + Product Video:The Southwest Patty Melt at Carls Jr. and Hardees
  37. 37. Product + Localization(Cosplay)MacDonald Japan used thecombination of the beautyof product and cosplay, avery popular teenagerculture in Japan.Video:
  38. 38. BeastAnimalBizarreHorror Baby remind us of the human nature, Beauty is the perfection of us, Beast is something strange and different from us. It may entertain or scare us.
  39. 39. Tony the Tiger, 1955 Kelloggs adsBeast has a long history intraditional media.
  40. 40. Fido=Dog, a lot of dogs
  41. 41. Integration: IKEA Online/Offline/Sales Video:
  42. 42. Integration
  43. 43. Beast Interaction: Touch the Rainbow
  44. 44. Too Much?
  45. 45. Beast Link to Brand: Ray-Ban Case
  46. 46. Bizarre & HorrorBizarre and Horror are very sensitive and difficult toimplement . Again remember your positioning before anywrong decision is made.Video:MSI Netbook & Butt Case
  47. 47. Combo of 3BThe Combination of 2Bs or 3Bs will be morepowerful, again, only if you use wisely.The perfect fit of product characters are requiredfor a successful implementation. Video:
  48. 48. 3B is great, but?Simply using 3B law without strategy thinkingabout positioning and consumers, will lead tofailure. Video:
  49. 49. Bad Case: Taiji Coughing SyrupBelieve me, even if youunderstand Chinese, youstill won’t get it.In this case, 3B is there, butstrategy is not.So 3B is good, but use itwisely with strategicthinking and planning.
  50. 50. Perfect Mix: Brand, Communication, 3B Video:
  51. 51. Takeaways New media enables more communication & interaction Nature of human being never changed Know your clients and positioning AIDMA CIPAL Baby, Beauty, Beast
  52. 52. Questions?
  53. 53. Please Contact: Jonah GuoJonah Guo Queen’s MBA 2012Queen’s MBA 2012 Canada Canada