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AINA - Feb 22-24, 2009

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Alternative Investment Forum

  1. 1. Delegate Information February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL As investors become more sophisticated in the search of the optimal risk-return balance, the market witnesses a booming demand for alternative investment vehicles. Alternative Investments North America Summit 2009 provides a revolutionary platform for institutional investors to remain on the edge of new investment strategies and innovative asset classes in the quest for enhanced portfolio yields. summits
  2. 2. February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL Delegate Information Chairman A Unique Event Todd Benjamin, Contributing Editor, CNN Enjoying exploding popularity, alternative investments comprise a multi-trillion dollar market. Weakly correlated to traditional capital markets and yields from classic trading strategies, alternative assets promise institutional investors enhanced information ratios of their portfolios. In the aftermath Distinguished Presenters of financial turmoil throughout the decade, investors worldwide have been continuously searching for ways to de-correlate their returns from the performance of the marketplace. Laurence Siegel, Head of Research, Investment Division, Ford Foundation Alternative investment strategies are among the most sophisticated approaches to hedge out risk and boost risk-adjusted returns. However, capitalizing on innovative vehicles and unconventional asset Paul Spijkers, Chief Investment Officer, classes commands significant trading skill and management aptitude. Securing lucrative partnerships Alternative Investments, APG Investments, with the most forward-thinking alternative investment service providers is the key to continuous investment arm of Stichting Pensioenfonds commercial success. ABP, Netherlands The Alternative Investments North America Summit offers a unique format for delegates to hear presentations from their peers who are facing the same challenges and have been working on solutions Darren Foreman, Senior Investment Analyst, to make returns in this volatile market. They will also hear panel discussions, economist presentations Private Markets Pennsylvania Public School and have the chance to meet one-on-one with service providers. This 3-day Summit allows time-starved Employees' Retirement System investors to network with peers, develop new investment strategies and find profitable managers at a beautiful location. Brett Hammond, Chief Investment Strategist TIAA-CREF Lisandro Chanlatte, Vice President and The Summit Program Key Topics Investment Officer, Global Pension Investments, Citigroup, Inc. The primary objective of the Alternative Investments North America Summit is to explore the key aspects and issues related to alternative investments and to create strategies to increase Robert Brown, Chief Investment Officer, overall return with minimal risk. The summit's program topics have been pinpointed and validated Arizona Public Safety Personnel by the investment community as the top critical issues they face. Retirement System Key Issues: • Building a Solid Alternative Investment Strategy to Triumph in a Time of Economic Stress Neal Graziano, Senior Portfolio Manager, W.K. Kellogg Foundation • Fine-tuning Portfolios for Maximum Resilience Against Evolving Risks • Increasing Due Diligence During the Selection of Managers for Optimal Portfolio Performance Eric Schurenberg, Managing Director, MONEY Magazine • Choosing Real Estate Investments Wisely in the Aftermath of the Subprime Catastrophe • Manipulating Volatility: Protecting Assets Within the Hedge Fund Space to Acquire a Leading Edge Taylor Fairman, Managing Director, Apogee Family Office • Pinpointing Profits in Private Equity to Maximize ROI • Capitalizing on Opportunities in Distressed and High Yield Debt Andrew Lohn, Director, Apogee Family Office • Examining Timber and Other Natural Resources to Diversify the Portfolio and Boost Long-Term Returns Dr Eugenio Aleman, Vice President and Senior • Garnering Maximum ROI From the Growth in Green and Clean Technology Investing Economist, Wells Fargo Bank • Enhancing Returns Within Infrastructure by Creating a More Risk-Averse Portfolio John Calverley, Head of Research, • Unearthing Maximum Returns by Diversifying into the BRICs and Other Emerging Markets Standard Chartered Bank 2
  3. 3. February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL Delegate Information Summit Program Panel Discussion Unearthing Maximum Returns by Diversifying into the BRICs and Other Emerging Markets Keynote Presentation Darren Foreman, Senior Investment Analyst, Private Markets, Pennsylvania Building a Solid Alternative Investment Strategy to Triumph in a Public School Employees' Retirement System Time of Economic Stress Neal Graziano, Senior Portfolio Manager, W.K. Kellogg Foundation Brett Hammond, Chief Investment Strategist, TIAA-CREF Assessing past alternative investment returns in order to make educated The outlook for alternative investments is very strong as fixed income investment choices is crucial to investors in the emerging markets. Identifying becomes increasingly unstable. Major institutional investors continue to investment characteristics specific to BRIC economies helps investors experience high returns and stability with alternatives as a standard part of understand specific country risks and improve their portfolio's risk profile. This their portfolio; as a result, it will be the investors that have greater allocations session will discuss: to alternatives that will come out on top after this financial crisis. This session • Exploring infrastructure in China and India to capitalize on their will explore: rapid growth • Uncovering investment opportunities, particularly commodities, in Brazil • Establishing the role of alternatives within the portfolio and deciding on • Reaping the benefits of Southeast Asia and finding managers who are optimal allocations and strategies within cash flow constraints experienced in this region • Overcoming credit and liquidity risks, developing relevant benchmarks and establishing the dynamic, non-linear aspects of alternative risks Presentation • Discovering opportunistic investments to capitalize on the downturn in an Examining the Real Estate and Natural Resources Investment Industry economic cycle to Diversify the Portfolio and Boost Long-Term Returns Lisandro Chanlatte, Vice President and Investment Officer, Global Pension Keynote Presentation Investments, Citigroup, Inc. Building Up APG’s $10 Billion Hedge Fund Portfolio • Choosing real estate investments wisely in the aftermath of the subprime catastrophe Paul Spijkers, Chief Investment Officer, Alternative Investments, • Evaluating investment strategies to adapt to evolving sources of risk in the APG Investments, investment arm of Stichting Pensioenfonds current real assets industry ABP, Netherlands • Using real estate and REITs to hedge against rising inflation • Exploring investments in timber, water and other natural resources as Panel Discussion socially responsible investing The Economic Outlook: What Does the Next 5 Years Have in Store for us? Dr Eugenio Aleman, Vice President and Senior Economist, Wells Fargo Bank Panel Discussion John Calverley, Head of Research, Standard Chartered Bank Fine-tuning Portfolios for Maximum Resilience Against Evolving Risks • Overcoming risks of illiquidity, difficult valuations, transparency and Top economists discuss the US recession as well as the global marketplace. modeling to meet diverse investment objectives Times are changing and the financial industry is at a crossroads. Find out • Hiring a strong risk management team with a full range of skill sets and an what is coming next in this volatile industry to be ahead of the game. impressive long-term track record to achieve the competitive advantage This highly interactive session will focus on top issues like the credit crisis, • Surmounting the evolving sources of risk and risk tolerance in volatile financial structure, the role of the Fed, decoupling effects and much more. capital markets The audience can ask their most pressing questions to gather answers to make • Seeking uniform and correct pricing aggregation to ensure transparency of well-informed investment decisions. investment strategies and processes Presentation Panel Discussion Effective Use of Hedge Funds in a Volatile Market Increasing Due Diligence During the Selection of Managers for Optimal Portfolio Performance Robert Brown, Chief Investment Officer, Arizona Public Safety Personnel The investment landscape is changing, and perhaps so should your managers. Retirement System With trying times ahead it may be wise to have an established manager who • Using fund-of-fund hedge funds in a portable alpha framework has lived through previous recessions. Or should you take advantage of the • The challenge of selecting individual hedge funds... and the innovative strategies of an emerging manager? Many investors would argue proposed solution whether or not the track record of investment return is the basis of manager • Identifying and capturing alpha in an ever-changing world... the hedge selection criteria. Often it is a great deal of due diligence on the proposed fund solution investment that can sway your decision to sign on a new manager. Various • Traps and dangers within the hedge fund world (what can and will strategies will be discussed in this session but one thing is for sure – the go wrong) investment goals and risk appetite must be in line with your new manager. 3
  4. 4. February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL Delegate Information Presentation Presentation Managing Your Investment Committee: Getting Approval Enhancing Returns Within Infrastructure by Creating a More to Implement or Increase Alternatives in the Investment Policy Risk-Averse Portfolio • Performing a comprehensive review of current alternative allocation to discover • Taking full advantage of stability and predictability within infrastructure to what your Investment Committee needs to know before making a decision create a balanced and more risk-averse portfolio • Justifying alterations and redeveloping the investment policy – part art and • Finding the optimal investment vehicle by investigating the quot;contract modelquot; part science and assessing the terms and conditions of products within the asset class • Creating well-defined time frames and risk tolerance levels so that everyone • Finding the right manager to ensure a safe, long-term inflation-adjusted return involved feels confident about the change in allocation • Gaining a competitive advantage as more investors flood the infrastructure • Employing continuous education for the investment committee to ensure market and others asset classes appear less reliable smart allocation decisions Presentation Presentation Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Commodities to Uncover Manipulating Volatility: Protecting Assets Within the Hedge Fund New and Profitable Investments Space to Acquire a Leading Edge • Evaluating the long term viability of the more popular commodities, such as Seeking portable alpha in the volatile capital markets can be challenging and oil and gas, to gain directional insight particularly complicated within hedge funds. Separating hedge fund alphas • Taking advantage of opportunities arising from emerging markets and from betas to quantify risk factors is part of this challenge. The obstacle of surmounting the risks associated with them efficient management has also resurfaced with the emergence of mega-funds. • Exploiting the potential of less prominent commodities, such as timber and This session will reveal: overcoming obstacles associated with early stage investing • Assessing which funds-of-funds attain desired returns when making investment decisions Presentation • Mastering hedge fund replication strategies for outstanding portfolio performance Garnering Maximum ROI From the Growth in Green and Clean • Determining if the fund of fund, single strategy or multi-strategy path is Technology Investing most suitable to generating desired returns • Fulfilling your socially responsible investment criteria with green and other • Mitigating illiquidity and transparency risks in a diversified hedge fund portfolio sustainable investments • Building a strategy that maximizes financial performance while doing Presentation social good Pinpointing Profits in Private Equity to Maximize ROI • Discovering opportunities in green investing to increase diversification and Optimizing returns in private equity is often difficult with the downturn tap into innovative new investment areas in venture capital and leveraged buyouts. Increased transparency should give • Quantifying the surging demand for clean technology and venture capital institutional investors better ammunition to make calculated investment opportunities in this area and amplifying ROI via cost effective procedures decisions. This session will discuss: • Combating the trend of de-leveraging within private equity by utilizing Presentation innovations in risk modeling Fast Answers to FAS 157: Accruing Profits From New • Reaping the benefits of transparency and improved performance reporting Transparency Regulations gained from the FAS 157 valuation accounting regulations Ensuring profits as a result of more transparency brought about by the FAS • Relieving risks associated with illiquidity in private equity for early-stage investors 157 regulation, the fair-value measurement standard for asset managers, is an opportunity that institutional investors cannot afford to miss. Presentation The Financial Accounting Standards Board has attempted to rectify past Capitalizing on Opportunities in Distressed and High Yield Debt deficiencies in performance reporting and asset valuation. Increased • Boosting portfolio returns by evaluating the quality of distressed debt transparency holds potentially minimized risks for investments made by among the large amounts available as a result of the sub-prime crisis institutional investors. This session will uncover: • Acquiring and retaining the best managers who are well positioned to deal with the numerous sales going on in mortgage-backed securities • Clarifying methods used by managers to price hard-to-value assets • Adapting to changing methods of debt ratings by agencies to properly • Evaluating potential risks and returns with the information acquired from assess risks and tolerance increased transparency • Exploiting wide credit spreads, a lack of liquidity, negative investment • Utilizing consistency and comparability of assets in the light of the sentiment and massive default lows to boost returns from high yield debt standardization of valuation methods and definitions Presentation Overcoming Obstacles Within Managed Futures and Other Derivatives to Reduce Risk • Taking advantage of wide credit spreads favorable to higher profits from equity-linked derivatives • Exploiting current dislocations in fixed income markets to get enhanced returns • Combating the credit and duration risks involved with derivatives to minimize losses • Illuminating unreliable risk modeling methods and debt ratings to gain directional insight 4
  5. 5. February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL Delegate Information Testimonials The Executive Delegation The Alternative Investments North America Summit delegates will include Heads of Alternative This was the highest quality of presenters that I have been Investments, CIOs, SVPs and VPs of Investments and are carefully screened and selected according exposed too. The depth of the discussion was impressive. to the following criteria: Assistant Treasurer • Company size Imerys • Job level • Assets Under Management marcus evans is on its way to providing its participants • Sign-off Authority with a stellar line of exceptional and provocative speakers. For these institutions seeking intimate access to various asset alternatives, marcus evans' one-on-one, thirty minute sessions are an effective way to meet prospective managers. Alternative Investments North America Summit CIO Service Provider Companies Fordham University To ensure the success of the Alternative Investment North America Summit, marcus evans This has been a very well organized event with is pleased to partner with an exclusive number of leading firms that can provide valuable fund insightful presentations, interesting service providers management expertise. The service providers participating in the summit will provide strategic and excellent opportunities to network. investment plans to ensure maximum capital growth to the attending public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations and family offices. Manager-WWPFA General Motors The number of firms in each product or service category is strictly limited to ensure an appropriate overall balance. These meetings provide a forum for dialogue and information sharing, on investment concerns and appropriate, corresponding services. I would recommend future events for any senior industry executives who want to sharpen their skills and knowledge by benefiting from the insights of their peers. Managing Director Head of Private Equity Alternative Investments North America Summit Service The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Provider Categories I thought the speakers did a great job of sharing really on point knowledge regarding current events. It was Hedge Funds Real Estate and Property Funds Managed Futures and great to interact, on an intimate level, with so many • Macro • REITs Other Derivatives thought leaders. The event was also run smoothly • Managed Futures • Private Property • Economic Derivatives and professionally. I thought staff did a great job at • Arbitrage • CDOs • Energy Derivatives being attentive and courteous. It was certainly one of • Fixed Income • CMBS • Commodities the best conferences I've attended. • Multi Strategy • Funds of Funds • Freight Derivatives • Relative Value • Inflation Derivatives Private Equity and Venture Capital Strategist • Event Driven Infrastructure Funds • Insurance Derivatives Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement • Distressed Debt • Energy • Weather Derivatives • Emerging Markets • Transportation • Credit Derivatives • Market Neutral • Water • Property Derivatives I believe the event was very useful for investors as the discussions covered relevant, current events in the • Market Timing • Social • Bond-Linked Derivatives market. The speakers were very well prepares and • Funds of Funds • Equity-Linked Derivatives provided excellent insights. The one-on-one meetings Structured/Hybrid Products • Money-Market-Linked were also useful, allowing me to meet individuals in the Private Equity Funds • Interest Rate-Linked Notes Derivatives markets in which I invest. • Global Buyout • Equity-Linked Notes • Credit-Linked Derivatives • Middle Market Buyout • FX and Commodity-Linked Director of Alternative Assets • Country Focused Notes Emerging Markets Texas Christian University Endowment • Mezzanine • Hybrid-Linked Notes • Distressed Debt Trading Risk Management and Restructuring Very good presentations and networking! • Secondaries Chairman • Industry Sector Texas Permanent School Fund • Venture Capital • Funds of Funds 5
  6. 6. February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL Delegate Information What Makes the Alternative Investment North America Sample Delegate Schedule Summit Different Each attendee at the Alternative Investments • A strictly invitation-only event; selection of delegates according to criteria such as scope North America Summit receives a personalized of responsibility and size of company itinerary based on their priority selections of conference sessions, business meetings and special networking events. Below is a sample of a • Restricted number of delegates in order to facilitate successful networking opportunities personalized attendee schedule. DAY 1 • Personalized summit and meeting schedule to suit individual requirements and provide an efficient 11:00 – 01:00 Event Registration use of time 01:00 – 01:15 Chairperson Opening Remarks 01:15 – 02:00 Opening Keynote Presentation 02:00 – 02:45 Conference Presentation • Keynote presentations, case studies and interactive sessions by world-class industry experts 02:45 – 03:00 Networking Break and pioneers 03:00 – 04:30 Business Meetings 04:30 – 05:00 Round Table Discussion 05:00 – 05:45 Conference Presentation • A relaxed but professional business environment, in which to explore new ideas, strategies and 05:45 – 06:30 Keynote Presentation technical developments with industry colleagues, experts and peers 06:30 – 07:30 Welcome Cocktails 07:30 – 10:00 Networking Dinner • Access to the secured summit website, providing information on other delegates and each service DAY 2 provider prior to the event 07:00 – 08:00 Networking Breakfast 08:00 – 08:45 Keynote Presentation • Individual pre-arranged one-on-one business meetings with senior representatives from key industry 08:45 – 09:30 Conference Presentation service providers 09:30 – 09.45 Networking Break 09:45 – 10.45 Business Meetings 10:45 – 11:15 Round Table Discussion • An invitation which covers two nights' accommodation at the Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa, 11:15 – 11:45 Networking Opportunity all summit materials, meals and leisure activities during the summit 11:45 – 12:30 Conference Presentation 12:30 – 01:45 Networking Lunch • An opportunity to relax and enjoy the superb facilities at the prestigious Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa 01:45 – 02:30 Conference Panel Discussion 02:30 – 03:15 Conference Presentation 03:15 – 03:30 Networking Break 03:30 – 04:30 Business Meetings 04:30 – 05:00 Networking Opportunity Secured Summit Website 05:00 – 05:30 Business Meeting 05:30 – 06:15 Keynote Presentation • Summit session overviews allow delegates to choose from a selection of summit and interactive 06:15 – 07:15 Free Time sessions to best suit their business needs 07:15 – 10:30 Networking Cocktails, Dinner Entertainment Evening • Presenter biographies determine which presenters are most likely to assist in benchmarking DAY 3 and improving initiatives 07:00 – 08:00 Networking Breakfast 08:00 – 08:45 Keynote Presentation • Profiles of attending service providers, offer relevant information to enable delegates to plan 08:45 – 09:30 Conference Presentation their personal event schedule 09:30 – 09:45 Networking Break 09:45 – 10:45 Business Meetings 10:45 – 11:15 Round Table Discussion • Inform delegates of social activities taking place at the event 11:15 – 12:00 Conference Presentation 12:00 – 12:45 Closing Keynote Presentation 12:45 – 02:00 Networking Luncheon • Post-event summit documentation provides complete documentation of all executive presentations immediately after the summit 6
  7. 7. February 22-24, 2009 | Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa | Ponte Vedra, FL Delegate Information A Selection of Attendees from Previous marcus evans The Venue Alternative Investments North America Summit The mind works best when challenged, stimulated, General Manager Director, Investments and most importantly, relaxed. Discover this ideal AFP Confia Prosperitas Group combination at Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa. Vice President Managing Director, Investments An extraordinary Florida meeting venue set against AIG Investments Quintessence Group a brilliant backdrop of sun, sand, and 99 holes of championship golf including THE PLAYERS Stadium Financial Analyst Pensions Director, Private Investments Course. Befitting its magnificent seaside setting, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa infuses special events Chair, Investment Committee with the inspiring rhythms and hues of the CEO Ann Arbor City Employees Atlantic Coast. S4 Capital Retirement System Assistant Treasurer Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa set new standards GM, Private Equity and Infrastructure Scripps College of excellence for corporate events at their Florida Canada Post Pension Plan conference center resort – the largest of its kind Director, Alternative Investments between Atlanta and Orlando. Whether you are Senior Investment Manager Sentry Insurance visiting for business or pleasure you will be certain Carnegie Mellon University Portfolio Manager, Alternative Investments to find the right balance to maximize your stay Executive Administrator Sentry Insurance at the Sawgrass Golf Resort & Spa. Carpenters Southern California Pension Trust AVP, Finance Administrator Simon Fraser University Carpenters Trusts of Western Washington Head, Economic Research and Asset Allocation The Organizers VP, Investment Officer Skandia, Colombia Citigroup, Inc. Director, Public and Private Equities One of the world's leading business information Director South Carolina Retirement Systems companies, marcus evans is dedicated to the Convergent Wealth Advisors provision of global business intelligence and Portfolio Manager Director information to assist in strategic and effective State of Wisconsin Investment Board Cranbrook Educational Community decision-making. Our aim is to provide first class Senior Managing Director business information, through a variety of media, Director, Employee Benefits and Retirement Services Sterling which enables clients to sustain a valuable Credit Union Central of British Columbia competitive advantage while making a positive Chief Investment Officer contribution to their success. Vice Chair, Investments (Police) Sumnicht Associates El Paso Firemen and Policemen's Established in 1983, marcus evans' international Director, Alternative Investments Pension Fund network of offices produces events on strategic The Dow Chemical Company Manager, Pension Investments issues in telecommunications, corporate finance, Director, Alternative Investments Enbridge capital markets, human resources, corporate IT, TIAA-CREF technology, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, Investment Analyst energy, utilities and business strategy. This information Chief Investment Officer HFRRF is disseminated through the following business Timmis Family Foundation Financial Analyst divisions: summits, conferences, business training, Portfolio Manager Houston Municipal Employees market analysis, business publications and corporate University of Minnesota Pension System hospitality. Co-Chair Joint Pension Investment Committee President and COO Every year marcus evans produces more than 150 University of Regina Kerr Financial Corporation of the world's leading business and economic summits Treasurer Assistant Treasurer for senior decision-makers. Held at exclusive locations Linde North America, Inc. University Of Southern California around the world, these events provide attendees with a unique opportunity to individually tailor their Investment Analyst Assistant Director schedules of keynote presentations, think tanks, Moneta Group USF Foundation seminars and one-on-one business meetings to Director, Alternative Investments Managing Partner provide an effective, highly focused interactive event. North American Management Waterline Partners Executive Vice President SVP, Investments ...a dominant force in the delivery of Northwood Stephens Private Counsel Wells Fargo Institutional Brokerage strategic business information Senior Finance Analyst VP Portland General Electric Zenith Insurance Company 7