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Online Shopping


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Reading Skills 2

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Online Shopping

  1. 1. BBC Learning English6 Minute EnglishOnline shopping8th December 2011NB: This is not a word for word transcriptRob: Hello, and welcome to 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English. Im joined today by Cath. Hi Cath.Cath: Hello Rob.Rob: Now were talking about the growing trend in online shopping today.Cath: Ah yes, shopping via the internet. That is something I like to do.Rob: OK, well youre not the only person who likes to shop this way. Millions of people choose to shop online and last week saw the biggest day of the year for doing this – it was called Mega Monday. More about that soon but first, Ive been looking online to find you a question Cath!Cath: Come on then, what is it?Rob: OK, this weeks question is – according to an international survey what is the most popular item thats bought online? Is it: a) Music – downloaded or on CDs b) Travel tickets c) BooksCath: Im going to go for books I think.Rob: Well, well see if youre right at the end of the programme. But now lets talk more about shopping and particularly online shopping.6 Minute English © 2011 Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Cath: Yes and you mentioned that last week was Mega Monday or Cyber Monday – the biggest day of the year for online shopping. But people are still going out shopping in high streets and shopping centres.Rob: Yes thats right. When we say the high street we mean the main shopping street of the town. These places are actually quite busy at the moment with people Christmas shopping. In the USA, the recent Thanksgiving holiday marked the start of the Christmas shopping season there. The day is also known as Black Friday, where discounts are offered in shops – or stores as the Americans call them.Cath: Its called Black Friday because its the day when shops go from being in the red – so owing money – to being in the black – making a profit because so many people are going out spending money.Rob: But were still talking about online shopping. And online sales are certainly rising despite the current economic situation. Lets hear from the BBCs Graham Satchell reporting on the affects of Mega Monday on the high street in the UK. How does he describe whats happening to the high street?Graham Satchell, BBCThe high street is really struggling. For the third Christmas in a row, sales are expected to bedown, this year by 2.1%. Instead, more and more of us are shopping online. 25% of allChristmas shopping this year will be done over the Internet, up 16% on last year. And MegaMonday is the busiest day, one estimate suggesting therell be 3,300 purchases a minute.Cath: So Graham Satchell says the high street is struggling – in other words, the shops are finding it difficult to stay in business.Rob: Thats because sales are down for the third year in a row. As we heard, a quarter of all Christmas shopping will be done online.6 Minute English © 2011 Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Cath: And last weeks Mega Monday saw an estimated 3,300 purchases every minute. So, those transactions must add up to a lot of money spent using credit cards.Rob: Yes and its tempting and easy for many people to max out their credit cards – in other words spend up to their credit limit!Cath: And its true that people are becoming more accustomed to buying things online. Retailers are making it much easier to buy things over the internet. And we can shop now using gadgets like smart phones and tablet devices so we can buy things easily and instantly. Is that something youve done Rob?Rob: I do it quite regularly on my smart phone. OK, lets hear from some shoppers in the English market town of Newark about whether they prefer shopping on the internet or in the shops:Vox pops of people in NewarkHave done a lot online. Ive got a new-born baby, so its a lot easier, just sitting at home, doing it.Its nice and warm and a lot easier.[What do you like about it?] The variety, the choice, the ease; you can stay at home; you can stayat home and flick on your iPad.Ive attempted to do it online, today for the first time. But I like to try things on, I like theatmosphere of going into town and shopping, so I dont think its my cup of tea.Rob: So there are some mixed views about online shopping. The first woman thought it was easier - and warmer too because you can stay at home.Cath: Yes, and the second person also thought it was convenient but he also mentioned the variety and the choice of things to buy. Its true, you can buy almost anything from your computer.6 Minute English © 2011 Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Rob: Ah yes but the final woman mentioned that you cant try on clothes. She liked the atmosphere of going into town and shopping. She used a great phrase – she said, "its not my cup of tea".Cath: Yes, she means its just not for her. Well, it suits me Rob so please could you hurry up and give me the answer to that question and then I can get back to a bit more online Christmas shopping.Rob: OK Cath. But will you be making the most popular online purchase? Thats the question I asked you – according to an international poll by The Neilsen Company, what is the most popular item that is bought online? Is it: a) Music b) Travel tickets c) BooksCath: I thought it was probably books.Rob: And you are right. Yes. The survey found that 41% of people surveyed bought books online. Clothes, DVDs and airline tickets were among the other popular items. Have you bought any of those online?Cath: Yes, I have. Ive definitely bought airline tickets, yes, DVDs – all of those things. I think I do a bit too much online shopping!Rob: It sounds like it! Youre very keen! OK Cath, before you get back to your shopping, weve just time for you to remind us of some of the vocabulary that weve heard in todays programme.Cath: OK, we had:trend6 Minute English © 2011 Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. the high streetdiscountsin the blackstrugglingestimatedtransactionsaccustomedretailersconvenientRob: Thanks Cath. Please join us again for another 6 Minute English very soon. Bye.Cath: Bye!6 Minute English © 2011 Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Vocabulary and definitionstrend a general direction in which a situation is developingthe high street the main street of a town where most of the shops are locateddiscounts amounts of money taken off the full price of things – sometimes used as an incentive to get people to buy themin the black to be in profit (opposite of in the red)struggling trying hard to do something in a difficult situation or when there are problemsestimated not an exact calculation but an approximate idea of the number has been worked outtransactions the selling of things from one person to anotheraccustomed to become familiar with doing something so that it becomes normal or usualretailers people or businesses who sell goods to the publicconvenient useful, easy or quick to doMore on this story: and listen to the story online: Minute English © 2011 Page 6 of 6