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64 Year-Old Food


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Reading Skills 2

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64 Year-Old Food

  1. 1. BBC Learning EnglishWords in the NewsEating 64-year-old food6th February 2012In these tough economic times many people are making their food go a little further thanthey perhaps used to. And for many that might mean ignoring the best before date, butone German man has taken it to the extreme by eating the contents of a 64-year-old tin.The BBCs Jonathan Josephs reports:In the late 1940s the United States was helping Germany overcome the hardships ofthe second World War. Food parcels were a vital part of the rebuilding effort and Swiftsbland lard was one of the less exciting ingredients. But it was apparently durable. Thetin with its red, white and blue label still intact survived in Hans Feldmeiers cupboard. Sothe 87-year-old retired chemist decided to test its edibility:(CLIP OF HANS FELDMEIER WITH VOICEOVER IN ENGLISH) "I didnt open it because Ithought the situation could get even worse. I hope that we are not running into toughtimes like we had after World War II, even despite the financial crisis we are facing."And his gamble paid off. The tests run by scientists in his home town of Rostock showedit was indeed fit for consumption, saving Mr Feldmeier a precious few Euros. But he didfork out on a loaf of black bread on which it was spread before he and the scientists ateit. So what did it taste like?(CLIP OF FEMALE EMPLOYEE OF OFFICE OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD SAFETY ANDFISHERIES WITH VOICEOVER IN ENGLISH) "I thought it would taste rancid, but itdoesnt. Im totally surprised that it shows absolutely no sign of rancidity."The tin bore no expiry date, so to adapt an old saying, it seems the proof of the lard, ifnot the pudding, really was in the eating.Words in the News © British Broadcasting Corporation 2012 Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Vocabulary and definitionshardships difficult conditionsfood parcels packages of food given to people who have very little to eatlard firm white substance made from melted fat and used for cookingdurable long lasting without loosing qualityedibility suitability for eatingpaid off was a successfit for consumption ediblefork out spend a lot of moneyrancid unpleasant because it is no longer freshbore showedMore on this story: and listen to the story and the vocabulary online: in the News © British Broadcasting Corporation 2012 Page 2 of 2