Brief introduction into dependencies


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For my programming course at University of Berne I had to shortly talk about dependencies and how we handle them. I features some Inversion of Control methods and the DI framework Guice from Google.

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Brief introduction into dependencies

  1. 1. Dependencies withand without Guice
  2. 2. Outline  What are dependencies?  How dependencies cause problems  Inversion of Control and Hollywood  Guice – the solution for everything (almost)  Providers  The creation of a new object15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 2
  3. 3. What are dependencies?- or why not to code only one class  Classes depends on others, that comes with Object orienteted programming (OOP)  Dependencies are classes, that are used by other classes in order to work  Example: Board Die Player15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 3
  4. 4. Why are dependencies bad?- well that depends...  What are key features of good code?  Testable  Modular  Changable  …  Imagine that for huge applications...15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 4
  5. 5. Inversion of Control- what has Hollywood to do with all this?  Inversion of Control (IoF) is a design pattern to reduce dependencies without any frameworks  Difference to procedural architecture: Board Die Player Die Board Player15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 5
  6. 6. Methods for Inversion of Control- something everybody can do  General rules:  Use interfaces  Use getters and setters  1. Using factories IDie die = DieFactory.get()  2. Using constructors injection public Board(IPlayer player, IDie die)  3. Using setter injection public void setDie(IDie die)15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 6
  7. 7. Guice- well, it works for Google, lets try  Real dependency injection only works with frameworks (e.g. Guice, Spring)  They can save you a lot of time and coding, but not for too small applications  Guice needs you...  tell Guice wich Interface maps to which class => module  give him the necesarry information how to construct a object => Provider15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 7
  8. 8. The Provider- lets just copy & pasteimport;import;public class GameProvider implements Provider<Game> { private Provider<IDie> dieProvider ; @Inject public GameProvider(Provider<IDie> dieProvider) { this.dieProvider = dieProvider; } @Override public Game get() { Player[] players = { new Player("Jack"), new Player("Jill")}; Game game = new Game(12, players, dieProvider .get()); game.setSquareToLadder(2, 4); game.setSquareToLadder(7, 2); game.setSquareToSnake(11, -6); game.setSquareToLargeSquare(4); game.setSquareToTrapDoor(10, -6); return game; }}15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 8
  9. 9. The Module- different modules for testing and usepackage snakes;import;public class SnakesModule extends AbstractModule { @Override protected void configure() { bind(IDie.class) .to(Die.class); bind(Game.class) .toProvider(GameProvider.class); }}public class SnakesTestModule extends AbstractModule { @Override protected void configure() { bind(IDie.class) .toInstance(context.mock(IDie.class)); bind(Game.class) .toProvider(GameProvider.class); }}15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 9
  10. 10. How we get new objects- all roads lead to Rome...or a game  So if I want a board game, what happens? Main method Injector.getInstance(Game.class) SnakesModule bind(Game.class)  .toProvider(GameProvider.class) GameProvider new Game(... dieProvider.get())15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 10
  11. 11. Improvements- theres always a way to code better  Use annotions that are provided by Guice  @named  @singelton  Merge modules  Merge providers15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 11
  12. 12. Conclusions- doesnt make it all more complicate?  Reduce dependencies in general improves your code in many ways  It needs a certain kind of mindset, but you get used to it  Frameworks like Guice can improve your code as well and may save you a lot of time  But I would not use them for too small projects15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 12
  13. 13. Questions- experiences, smart remarks, suggestions Joel Krebs @jomikr on www.aleaiactaest.ch15.04.2011 Joel Krebs 13