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Google+ and the Google+ Platform


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My talk at the GDG DevFest Cebu last November 7, 2012

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Google+ and the Google+ Platform

  1. 1. Google+ and the Google+ Platform Jomar Tigcal November 5, 2012
  2. 2. Jomar Tigcal● Community Manager of GDG Philippines● Mobile Apps Developer● Software Engineer at Stratpoint Technologies, Inc.● One of the developers of Moochfood @jomartigcal
  3. 3. Google+Google+ aims to make sharing on the webmore like sharing in real life.It is a social layer integrating various
  4. 4. Google+ Features● Circles● Hangouts● Messenger● Instant Upload● Google+ Pages● Google+ Events● and more... ( com/+/learnmore/)
  5. 5. Google+ Platform● Websites (Plugins) ○ +1 button ○ Share on Google+ button ○ Google+ badge ○ Snippet● Mobile ○ Android ○ iOS● Google+ REST API● Hangouts API
  6. 6. Google+ Platform for AndroidIntegrate your Android app with Google+Google+ SDK Platform components:● Sign-in button - Enable users to sign in with Google+● Share dialog - Let users share content from your app to Google+.● +1 button - Enable users to +1 from within your app.
  7. 7. Google+ API● Used to integrate your app or website with Google+● RESTful API● Read-only access to public data (for now)●
  8. 8. Google+ API● People - People is a list of person resources, each of which represents a Google+ user● Activities - Note that a user posts to their stream● Comments - A reply to an activity
  9. 9. PeopleA person has a name, photo image, profileURL, and other properties that make up theprofileMethods:● get - Get a persons profile.● search - Search all public profiles.● listByActivity - List all of the people in the specified collection for a particular activity.
  10. 10. ActivitiesAn activity has an actor, verb and object, wherethe default verb is "post" and defaultobjectType is "note". The notes text is specifiedin content, and its photo, video or location arespecified in the attachments array.Methods:● list - List all of the activities in the specified collection for a particular user.● get - Get an activity.● search - Search public activities.
  11. 11. CommentsA comment has an actor who posted thecomment, text content of the comment, whenthe comment was created and last updated,and other properties.Methods:● list - List all of the comments for an activity● get - Get a comment.
  12. 12. Hangouts APIAllows you to develop collaborative apps thatrun inside of a Google+ Hangout
  13. 13. Resources● Documentation:● Google APIs Console:
  14. 14. Community/Support●●● com/+GooglePlusDevelopers/posts●● http://stackoverflow. com/questions/tagged/google-plus
  15. 15. Questions? Image Source:
  16. 16. Thank you very much!
  17. 17. Google+ and the Google+ Platform Jomar Tigcal November 5, 2012