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GDG Philippines in 2012


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List of activities that GDG Philippines had in 2012

Published in: Technology
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GDG Philippines in 2012

  1. 1. in 2012 Jomar TigcalCommunity Manager
  2. 2. Highlights for 2012● New Domain Name: (Still migrating)● New Google+ Page: GDG Philippines● New Google+ Community: GDG Philippines● New Twitter Handle: @gdgphilippines● New Facebook Page: facebook. com/gdgphilippines
  3. 3. Show-and-tell meetup (January 31)Apps Presented● Tommy Lim and Pepe Maglutac from Orange and Bronze - Aprubd (Document Approval App)● Ronillo Ang from Orange and Bronze - BlueMine Starter Edition Beta(This app allows you to create and update your Ticket and send it via Google+, SMS, Email, Calendar and more. You can also pin your Checklist to your Android ongoing notification.)● Alfred Ocon - Are you the BrighTTest (formerly Pinoy Henyo, the top downloaded Filipino Android App)
  4. 4. Show-and-tell meetup (January 31)Apps Presented● Paolo Melendres from Code Flux ○ Terno Recordings Chrome Web Store App (Online Store to purchase music and merchandise from Terno Recordings) ○ Toy Kingdom Chrome Web Store App (Online gallery of toys from Toy Kingdom) ○ Tao Po Org Android App
  5. 5. Show-and-tell meetup (January 31)Apps Presented● Ragde Falcis and guys from - ShakeRaffleRoll (a "Raffle App" that can be used in events to raffle out prizes.)● Guyi Shen and his teammates from - Lobang Club (a Singaporean startup, now based in the Phillippines, planning to expand globally)● Jomar Tigcal ● GTUG Philippines Android App (Official Android App of GTUG Philippines) ● Pinoy Jokes (Pinoy Jokes App)
  6. 6. Global Android Dev Camp 2012(February 17-19)
  7. 7. Global Android Dev Camp 2012(February 17-19)● Manila and Bacolod● Sponsors were Smart and Globe, the two major telecommunications company in the Philippines● 48-hour hackaton = 11 apps in Manila and 6 in Bacolod
  8. 8. Google Map Maker Manila Workshop(March 17)● Google Map Maker● Google Map Maker Moderating● Panoramio● SketchUp
  9. 9. Pre-Startup Weekend BootcampManila (April 14)
  10. 10. Pre-Startup Weekend BootcampManila (April 14)
  11. 11. Pre-Startup Weekend BootcampCebu (May 5)
  12. 12. Pre-Startup Weekend BootcampCebu (May 5)AndroidHTML5/ Chrome Apps/ Google App Engine
  13. 13. Map your Town Competition (May-August 2012)Prizes: ● The top 10 mappers received netbooks. ● Aside from winning a netbook, Google will be donating P100,000 to a public school on behalf of the top mappers choice.
  14. 14. Google I/O Extended 2012 Manila(June 13)
  15. 15. Google I/O Extended Manila (June13)● Viewing of keynotes and some technical sessions
  16. 16. Google Apps ChallengeWorkshop/Hackathon (July 6-7)
  17. 17. Google Apps ChallengeWorkshop/Hackathon (July 6-7)In preparation for the Google Apps DeveloperChallenge 2012
  18. 18. GDG Devfest Philippines (August 4)
  19. 19. Pre-Startup Weekend BootcampManila (September 22)
  20. 20. Pre-Startup Weekend BootcampManila (September 22)● Talks: ○ GDG and Startup Weekend Introduction ○ Pitching 101 ○ Business Canvas ○ Android ○ Django on AppEngine and HTML5 ○ Designing for Web and Mobile● Practice Pitching
  21. 21. Geek Girls Manila Meetup (Oct. 16)
  22. 22. Geek Girls Manila Meetup (Oct. 16)● First Geek Girl Manila Meetup● Speakers include lady Googlers Merci Niebres, Janet Yoon, and Aileen Apolo, as well as Minette Navarette, President of Kickstart Ventures.
  23. 23. November Events● Pre-Startup Weekend Bootcamp Davao (November 3)● GDG DevFest Bacolod (November 5)● GDG DevFest Cebu (November 7)● Pre-Startup Weekend Bootcamp Cebu (November 10)
  24. 24. Appy Birthday Android(November 9)
  25. 25. Sanitation Hackathon (Dec. 1-2)
  26. 26. Sanitation Hackathon (Dec. 1-2)● In cooperation with World Banks Water and Sanitation Program and GBG Philippines● Social good hackathon● Held in 6 cities with GDG chapters: Manila, Bacolod, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, and Zamboanga (first simultaneous event in all Philippine chapters)
  27. 27. Sanitation Hackathon (Dec. 1-2)● Google Developers Events Page: https: //● Google+ Events page: com/events/ciliq6eqtps5n7f0nefv6070u34
  28. 28. Women Entrepreneurs on the Web(WEOW) [Dec. 12]The meet up was open to all female businessowners, professionals and entrepreneurs whowish to enhance and develop their businessskills.● Google Developers Events Page: https: //● Google+ Events page: com/u/0/events/c6hu04kso1tl9i98ui2q4mub m8c
  29. 29. Christmas Geekup Party (Dec. 22)● Programming to Pasta, Pica-Pica, Pizza to Pamasko for the PabloPH survivors● Raffle of Android and Google items● Raffle of items from sponsors
  30. 30. Christmas Geekup Party
  31. 31. Christmas Geekup Party● Google Developers Events Page: https: //● Google+ Events page: com/events/c0sjsbjnkdduf1r382rtfrsnbsc
  32. 32. Contact Us!● Website:● E-mail Address:● Google+ Page: GDG Philippines● Google+ Community: GDG Philippines● Twitter: @gdgphilippines● Facebook Page:
  33. 33. See you in 2013!