Los Seres Vivos Y Su Entorno


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Los Seres Vivos Y Su Entorno

  1. 1. Los Seres Vivos y Su Hábitat
  2. 2. Los Seres Vivos y Su Hábitat • When we walk through the mountains we see many plants, animals and fungi that cannot be found on the beach. • The mountains and the beach have distinct characteristics. The temperature, the water, and the type of earth (soil) in both locations is different.
  3. 3. • The environment or habitat of a living thing has determined characteristics regarding light, temperature, air, water and earth (soil).
  4. 4. La comunidad de seres vivos • Todos los seres vivos que comparten el mismo hábitat necesitan unas condiciones parecidas para vivir. Forman una comunidad. • All living things that share the same habitat need similar conditions for live. They form a community.
  5. 5. El ecosistema • The habitat and the community of living things form an ecosystem. El hábitat y la comunidad de seres vivos que viven en él forman un ecosistema.
  6. 6. Los ecosistemas • Las características propias de un ecosistema determinan que unos animales puedan vivir en él y otros no. • Can you name the two groups of ecosystems?
  7. 7. Land (Terrestrial) ecosystems • In the jungle the temperature is high and it rains most of the year.
  8. 8. Jungle ecosystems • Which plants or animals do NOT live here?
  9. 9. Land (Terrestrial) ecosystems • In the poles the temperature is low during the year. • In the North Pole, there is precipitation in the form of snow.
  10. 10. The poles ecosystems Which plants or animals live here?
  11. 11. Land (Terrestrial) ecosystems • The deserts have high temperatures during the day and very little precipitation.
  12. 12. Desert ecosystems • Which plants or animals do NOT live here?
  13. 13. Land (Terrestrial) ecosystems • Mediterranean forests have moderate temperatures. • The forests do get some rain, especially in the summer.
  14. 14. Mediterranean forests ecosystems • Which plants and animals live here?
  15. 15. Ecosistemas acuáticos – Water ecosystems • Marine ecosystems are found in the sea and oceans. The salt in the water determines which living things live here. Fresh water ecosystems are found in rivers, lakes, and ponds.
  16. 16. Fresh Water versus Salt Water Ecosystems • Can you match each animal to their habitat? Fresh Water Salt Water
  17. 17. Los seres vivos se relacionan – The relationship between living things • A relationship forms between living things to feed, reproduce and protect. The food chain (cadena alimentaria)
  18. 18. Las relaciones alimentarias • Squirrels have a food relationship with oak trees because they eat the acorns.
  19. 19. Cadena Alimentaria • Can you explain the food chain?